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led eyes

  1. Electronic/Software: Build a Talking Skeleton (Tutorial)

    Halloween Props
    This video shows you how to automate the jaw of a cheap plastic skeleton using a servo and how to add some glowing eyes with a couple of LEDs:
  2. Animating Bucky Skull

    Halloween Props
    Wondering if anyone has instructions on how to animate a Bucky skull? I want to know how to design the lexan plate that mounts inside the skull and how to mount the servos. Are there any plans out there? Where to purchase the led eyes and how to animate them? If led eyes are not possible...
  3. Lighting: making own pre-wired LED eyes ...help

    Halloween Props
    hello, I need help, I have been looking how to on here and online and am not getting anywhere. I would really love to make my own battery powered LED eyes. I am not sure what LED to use and best place to buy. 3 mm will run on 3,4,5 v so I believe that is what I want.. what are your opinions...
  4. Need Help with a Costume Modification- LED Eyes How to do it.

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Need a bit of help/advise... I am going with the Bobblehead Pumpkin costume this year, ( bought if after Halloween last year so got it at a very good discount). I would really like to make the eyes "pop". Some have suggested going with a Fluorescent paint. I was wondering if there would be a...
  5. Static: Requesting Ideas for Zombie Eyes

    Halloween Props
    This year I'm going to add a couple groundbreaking zombies. I'd like their eyes to light up. Any ideas? Maybe LED's? Do you have store-bought setups that you like, or do you make your own out of Home Depot parts? I'm open to either battery powered or running off regular 110v outlets. Any...
  6. Other: Need some help- Costume prop editions. LED's and Smoke

    Halloween Props
    HI Everyone, I'm looking for a bit of help (or point me to where to look for it).. My Reaper Costume last year went over quite well, but this year I'd like to add some "Special effects" to it in order to up the ante a bit. the 2 things I am thinking of trying to do is .. 1) add "glowing...
  7. LED "Eyes" controllable via VSA

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hey all, I just finished up 2 products that I am selling on my website. The products are small circuit boards that allow you to control the brightness of LEDs via a servo motor controller and the VSA software. One of them is for single-color LEDs and the other one has tri-color RGB LEDs. If...