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  1. Halloween Props
    I don't know if anyone has done this, but I'm sure I have not seen it here. so just to give you a idea about you led candles I used a bit of clear cyclone on them making a flame look my pics don't show it but it cast a nice light I will try to post one when it get a bit darker
  2. Halloween Props
    First new prop of the year for Shadowfang Keep. Uses's 10mm yellow flicker LED's in an array. Enjoy!
  3. Halloween Props
    So we've had nearly a decade of affordable LED tea lights and candles made with a standard 5mm yellow/gold super bright LED. Maybe they've gotten a little brighter over the years, the flicker circuit is in the LED instead of on a board now, better diffusion methods. Nice effect for an exposed...
  4. Halloween Props
    Just a heads up for those of you that like LED candles, especially ones that have the automatic on/off feature. True Value Hardware has a 4 pack of LED candles for only $4.99, and they are the kind with the timer feature! That's pretty dang cheap since most with a timer are usually $5.00 a...
  5. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Since it's been a million years since I contributed in a meaningful way, I figured I'd try to give a little tutorial on my interpretation of a PVC candle. The pictures were taken with my phone, so you'll hafta forgive their quality. I like the idea of the PVC candle, in that they're cheap and...
1-5 of 5 Results