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  1. Static: Removing sticker from bottles?

    Halloween Props
    I am making some potions and wanted to use like an old soy sauce bottle. I removed the sticker off but it leaves that glue behind. Anyone have any good tips to remove that glue off?
  2. 2019 Pumpkin Growers Thread

    General Halloween
    Happy New Year to all the Halloween loving pumpkin growers. Ooojen mentioned it was time for a new thread, and what ooojen wants, she gets. :D Yes, I am in full seed buying mode. I am following the Giant Pumpkin seed auctions closely. Here is a link to the auction list...
  3. What's Up in Your Neighborhood?

    General Halloween
    On my daily commute, I've seen one yard completely decorated, one house hedge-row with spider webs, and one yard with that cool full sized horse and rider skeleton and accompanying skellie dog. I only have fall decor so far- corn stalks Autumn leaves garland on the mailbox, and a few happy...
  4. over grown greenery

    General Halloween
    hello! I know that most of us pick up things out of other peoples garbage to use in our haunts. Its natural...were haunters! lol. unfortunately my yard does not have any trees in it. this makes it bad for halloween because NOTHING has the astedic of fall. I have not old leaves or branches, no...
  5. Static: Pumpkin Tree

    Halloween Props
    Last year I set out to make a pumpkin tree a la Disney's The Haunted Mansion. The tweak was to make it more swamp-like, necessitating large vines, leaves, fungus, and, naturally, pumpkins. I used pipe insulation around some scrap PVC, shaped by a heating gun, to be the vine. The vine wraps...
  6. Hello there from Canada

    Member Introduction
    First off amazing you've been around for so long congrats! This time of the year is so great I love pumpkin pies and seeing the fall leaves but most of all Halloween the only time I come out of hiding. ;) btw Awesome this Halloween radio
  7. My latest video - an animated version of 'Halloween' by Harry Behn

    General Halloween
    A few years back, someone on the forum gave me an .mp3 of a Halloween song we used to sing in elementary school. It was adapted from a poem by Harry Behn that I've always loved: Tonight is the night When dead leaves fly Like witches on switches Across the sky, When elf and sprite Flit through...
  8. Leaves are starting to fall off the tree!

    General Halloween
    As much as I love Halloween and the fall, I'm not quite ready for the leaves to change color and fall off the trees! This summer has been unusually cool here in the Hoosier state. I need some more good weather to get stuff done. :( Anybody else experiencing what appears to be an early fall?