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  1. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and can't wait to see and learn all the amazing Halloween ideas everyone has.
  2. Member Introduction
    Im a simple 18 year old guy from Florida, and Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. At age 16 I think I was introduced to the idea of a "home haunt", and couldn't believe that people actually did that! While it certainly is a far-off dream of mine still, a simple yard haunt will do the...
  3. Member Introduction
    Hello Boys and Girls...I'm new here and very excited to learn what I can to have the best yard in Houston!!
  4. Member Introduction
    First time poster, longtime reader. My wife and I have a passion for Halloween and post articles on our blog about horror films, Halloween decor and recipes, Halloween music and television, and everything else that gets us pumped to celebrate the best time of year! Excited to join the...
  5. Member Introduction
    This is my 3rd year doing a yard haunt. Very excited to learn from some great folks!
  6. Member Introduction
    I'm new to the site and to making my own props, but I love all things Halloween!!! Hoping to learn a lot from all of you.
  7. Member Introduction
    Just got into prop making and going to start my sissor lift and came across this forum. Hope to find all the info and learn from the pros....
  8. Halloween Props
    Stopped in one of the RadioShack locations still in business to see what they were carrying. Saw this Electronic Learning Lab Kit on clearance (to what was on hand) for $31.47, reg. 69.99. Found 2 in my store. Hubby and I bought this kit a few years back and it's a fun way to learn about...
  9. Member Introduction
    Not only am I a new member, but I am also having my first Halloween Party this year. Originally it was just for my 12 yr. old daughter and 30 of her classmates. Then I said to myself... "All this work I'm going through, decorating inside and out, I should have a party too! So the kids are 6pm to...
  10. HauntX
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use Code HALLOWEENFORUM for 15% off your entire basket when buyting tickets and events. Good through March 1st. Learn more about the show at www.HauntX.com Tickets can be purchased HERE
  11. Member Introduction
    I volunteer/manage our local school's halloween party and haunted house. hope to learn a few things here!
  12. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    what did you learn this year you will change for next year on your haunt ? I have learned that i know longer want to go all out decorating on the outside it rains here for Halloween most of the time and i decorate in back yard only for my party but from now on i am going to just do inside of...
  13. General Halloween
    Numerous people were hurt at a haunted hayride in Mechanics Falls Maine. Needless to say accidents do happen. Whether you are a home haunter or a commercial operation these things can happen. Lets all learn and be diligent with safety in mind. Here is the link...
  14. Member Introduction
    Hi! I stumbled across this forum while looking for ideas for DIY Halloween decorations. I'm a new(ish) homeowner, this will be my second Halloween at my house and I really wanted to start to make it look amazing. Growing up, there were two neighbors around the block from me that go together...
  15. Halloween Props
    According to this seller, Spirit's jumping spiders individually have some sort of ability to learn something. Has anyone heard about this, or is this guy full of it? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Spirit-Halloween-Exclusive-Jumping-Spider-W-STEP-PAD-/271604784689?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f3ce81e31
  16. Member Introduction
    Fantastic site folks, I look forward to learn and contribute. Fall will soon be upon us! Jamie.
  17. Member Introduction
    Hi everybody glad to be apart of the forum and I hope to meet new friends I just started in the Halloween business last year and I hope to learn as much as I can from the people on the site. Thanks again:)
  18. Member Introduction
    Hey everyone. I don't know if anyone who's reading this has seen my very first thread. This thread is gonna be different then the other one, that thread was just my intro. The purpose for this thread is more for advice. Since I'm brand new to the forum, I'm aware that my freedoms are slightly...