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  1. Static: Wall of Wonder

    Halloween Props
    Wall of Wonder / Magic Mirror I have seen the haunted picture frames and the smart lcd mirrors and wanted to do something that combined the 2 ideas. Started last fall when I came across this nice looking oval mirror frame. (this image was taken after cutting acrylic to size and applying the...
  2. Electronic/Software: Pepper's Ghost 2 Parter

    Halloween Props
    Two questions: First off, I was wondering if anyone has any experience setting up a Pepper's Ghost with an LCD or LED or Plasma tv? The projector isn't really going to work for me in the situation I want to apply it. Secondly, what videos do you like for Pepper? I have found...
  3. Electronic/Software: Refurbished LCD for prop $129 - free shipping

    Halloween Props
    Refurbished LCD for prop $130 - free shipping [now out of stock] I don't know if I'm posting in the right place, but I've been looking for a 24" lcd for an assylum door prop. I came across this deal today and figured I'd share it. BenQ 24" REFURBISHED lcd monitor. It has an hdmi input on it for...
  4. Electronic/Software: Looking for a portable Video Player to connect to a LCD screen?

    Halloween Props
    I'm looking for a portable Video Player (MP4, MPG, ect.) that is cheap and screenless to hook up to a larger LCD flat screen. Basically I want to play a file and loop it over and over again (so doesn't have to have much memory). Welcome the help and your suggestions!
  5. Question about Halloween Projection. HELP!

    General Halloween
    Hello fellow Haunters! I am thinking about doing using the Hallowindow projection on my one car garage door and I was wondering if 1500 would be sufficent lumens for a LCD projector. Anyone know? I am trying to do this as cheaply as poissible without looking cheap if you know what I mean. I...