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  1. Halloween Props
    i came up with a new idea for a Project to start on as summer approaches and I have a cool concept and layout art to show you I drew first and work on my computer on
  2. Halloween Props
    Hey all, November is one of my favourite times to prop build. Next year we want to have an Alien inspired room so here we have; The face hugger; The egg; The xenomorph; The face hugger is a wire frame, with lots of tape, latex & paint The egg is a old fashioned 'paper mâché over a big...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, I started planning my 2016 haunt over the weekend and realized that I hadn't posted any pics on HF from my 2015 garage haunt. I did a Silent Hill theme and was really happy with how it turned out. The biggest challenges were the sign and a new facade. Here's a pic of the sign...
  4. Halloween Props
    Well here are the first very rough photos of my layout. Just the very rough initial layout. I hope to start putting things in order by this weekend. Lots to do but I want to get it pretty much in place by the 1st.
  5. General Halloween
    I didn't waste time after our successful haunt at my son's elementary school in 2013. Even during construction I was jotting down improvements and changes for next year's haunt. This year I am already working the basic layout, but seem to be running into similar problems as last year, rooms or...
  6. General Halloween
    I guess every haunt needs a name, right? It was something I didn't have prior to 2 weeks ago when I agreed to layout and organize the haunted house at my son's elementary school. It could have been a very unexciting Harvest Carnival if myself and another dad said no to the project, as they would...
  7. General Halloween
    Go easy on this Halloween virgin and I dive head first into trouble as I tackle my first haunted house. It's actually the third year of being involved, but my first on designing the layout, which is the most important. It's being done for a Harvest Carnival at my son's elementary school and I...
  8. General Halloween
    Here Are The Plans I Have Created For This Years Haunted House, They May Change A Little. The Theme Is Clowns, At The Bottom Is The Actor Roles And Some of The Stuff They Can Say.
  9. General Halloween
    Pics and thoughts just posted in my albums along with a drawing of our layout. I am so excited about this. I can't wait till it's done. Ours is for private parties only and they won't be until 11/01 and 11/08 so we still have time to work on it. Started the actual labor this past weekend. Please...
1-9 of 10 Results