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  1. Static: Need help with my Pumpkin project

    Halloween Props
    To whom is reading this. I need help with a project I am working on for this Halloween. First, a little about the prop. I build this pumpkin out of cast material. The same material the hospitals use when you brake a bone and cover the area with casting material. I started with a balloon and...
  2. Static: Paper mache mask

    Halloween Props
    Hi there! This is my first paper mache, and my first mask. I know there were a lot of question about this topic,but i didnt find my answer. So im making a paper mache mask, the base was my face. I made 2 layers around, then got it off,it dried. But i found out that on some place it isnt...
  3. Papercraft Papermache pumpkin

    Halloween Crafts
    Hi everyone. I've been making a paper mache pumpkin. Now got to the face carving stage and I've noticed I have a bit of green mold in a couple of layers! I don't know if this is because it's the bottom of my pumpkin where lots of layers overlap. I used the same recipe as stalloween. Not sure...
  4. Static: WIP: Wormzoid o' Death

    Halloween Props
    I was perusing Stiltbeast's Youtube channel, as everyone should, and I came across his intestines tutorial. At first I was mildly interested. Ain't got much use for intestines this season. About 4 or 5 minutes in, inspiration struck. Not intestines! Burt, "Food for five years, a thousand...
  5. Static: Papier Mache Balloon Question

    Halloween Props
    So I've somehow magically gained the ability to actually papier mache on balloons and have them dry in a reasonable amount of time. I've never gotten this far on a papier mache project that didn't use a wire/wood armature before. Real simple question: how many coats of papier mache should I put...