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  1. Halloween Music
    Well, wouldn't you know it.... the old PC crashed, and I lost everything!!! I need music/sounds to download, free preferred, but I'm willing to pay too -- since time is short! I like some spooky music mixed in with sounds. I always had a witch/witches segment chanting "double double..." and...
  2. General Halloween
    a lot more Fun than scary....she had heard this before and could not forget or enjoy anything associated with the experience. She's a "Big girl" now, all ready to go away to college in a day or two. (College in a major City) Her three friends got her back here at almost 12 midnight. I once...
  3. Halloween Music
    And as such, I am making a haunted nursery...and I need ambiance. So what is your favorite source for creepy harpsichord chlidren's music type stuff? Maybe with a child's laughter overlayed? Anyone come across anything like this?
1-3 of 3 Results