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  1. Haunted Humor
    Should he show a little backbone, or did he ever have a ghost of a chance? One way or the other, oh no! It's another cheap laugh! :D
  2. General Halloween
    Wife ran across this today someone posted on Facebook. Thought I'd share gave me a good laugh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRJkvUW5j0o Enjoy!!!:p
  3. Halloween Music
    I KNOW I've heard this female laugh used many times, in halloween sound effects packs, cassettes, video games, movies...where did it come from, and does anyone have a clean copy? (of the laugh I mean...) Thanks in advance. @ 1:47
  4. Halloween Props
    I made this sign based on the following inspiration: http://ruffledblog.com/diy-carnival-marquee-letters/ The main change I made is that I didn't use hot glue to attach the "walls" on my letters to the foam letter cutouts -- I just used various strips of Scotch tape that wrap around to the...
  5. General Halloween
    the other night a local man brought a woman here for the house tour,she had been here 20 years ago. EVERY TIME she laughed (which was often) her head would be thrown back as if she was looking at the ceiling and she had this loud, huge LAUGH! (that went on for quite awhile!?) Mouth open wide...
  6. General Halloween
    Screamers, laughers, swearers, laughs non-stop AND addictive! Scaring people one at a time, getting them a room full at the same time! A small woman with an infectious trip-hammer laugh! (Married to the easy-scare, swearer.! What a combo! I figured out early on that she had been here before...
  7. General Halloween
    Okay...so, I stopped in my local Goodwill today. I saw a fairly realistic plastic/rubber bat decoration for .99...then another, then another...as I searched, I found six in total. I carry them all to the front of the store and dump them in a pile on the counter in front of the cashier, who then...
  8. Halloween Props
    I have a clown prop that I made last year from a mask, glowing eyes and a clown costume. I would like to give it some kind of sound effect. I know I can download an mp3 clown laugh, but I am already using all of my ipod/ipad/iphone to play other Halloween music/sound effects. Any ideas????
  9. Haunted Humor
  10. Halloween Props
    OK folks, for those interested in my tombstone build here is the video. If you could care less, at least watch the last 30 seconds for a laugh. And don't forget to sub if you want to see other unfortunate events happen to me. 0_o
1-12 of 12 Results