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  1. Walgreens Halloween Makeup

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    We tried out two different packs of halloween makeup from Walgreens. One definitely worked better than the other but for a cheap price they were pretty good.
  2. Panic mode: activated....

    General Halloween
    Soooooo, my wife and I bought a house tho past year, and I e always wanted to do a haunt on a grand scale. Well, I would have thought starting September first would have been just fine. Whoops. I just finished my columns!!!! I plan on headstones (which are started, NOT finished) a few...
  3. Prop Showcase: Show off your Last Minute Build!

    Halloween Props
    I Want to see everything people have made or finished within 1 week fo Halloween (Finishing on halloween DOES count!) I finished this guy up 20 min befor Halloween =)
  4. Fashion Icon Halloween Costume Ideas

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Gagnam Style Costume - Psy This one is easy. All you really need is 4 item to be fashionable PSY rapper.