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  1. Halloween Props
    Doing a haunted hayride this year and haunt sites will have to be lit without electricity. Asking for any suggestions on where to get battery operated spotlights or lasers. I've researched and not finding much. Thanks!
  2. Halloween Props
    Hi All, Some pictures from 2015. The columns have lit lanterns and a mirror ball. On either side is a halogen floodlight hooked up to a lightning machine. You can see the sound source at lower right. Farther back by the gates is a Line 6 sound system, there are Chauvet lights & lasers to the...
  3. General Halloween
    My 2013 Sp00ktacular Halloween display in Florida went off "Almost" Flawless lol Here is a link to the video I said I would post. Working on tracking down the neighbors with photos and video and will post more soon. Screaming kids made it worth the fun. The shocking flashing fuse panel was the...
1-3 of 3 Results