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  1. Static: ideas for this cool feature of cauldron

    Halloween Props
    I'm about to start building cauldron creep prop and have purchased this barrel to serve as the cauldron. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2252470498414744/?ref=messenger_banner The barrel is pretty cool as-is but I may glue a few skulls or bones to it. You have any other ideas? But...
  2. Static: Halloween Train Platform Build

    Halloween Props
    We've been doing the Halloween trains for years and have gone through multiple versions and train sizes. I decided this year to make it a little larger but also have room for some of our Halloween light up houses and to make more room for some of the larger train cars like the Ecto 1 last...
  3. Ceramic Ghost tealight holders

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello, I've been looking for two tealight holders I had in the late 80's. I've found their smaller versions, but want to find the larger pair. They are from Cannon Falls and came in two sizes: 6-ish inch versions and larger 12-ish inch versions. I am not great at computer manipulation, but I...
  4. Static: Some of my larger animated props from unit 70 and Nevermore Productions.

    Halloween Props
    Here is a couple of pics of some of my large animated props. I do have some electronic and static props as well, which I'll upload in a few.
  5. Other: Recommending PVC Pipe Cutter for prop building

    Halloween Props
    Last year I had some large size PVC pipe to cut and wanted a clean cut without all the plastic debris from sawing. Not being someone with a lot of tools or being handy constructing things, I ended up buying an Orbit "1/2 inch-to-2 inch PVC cutting tool" from Home Depot. A bit on the pricey side...
  6. Build a pneumatic cob web gun

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is yet another orphan how-to, unfortunately I never recorded who the original creator of this one was: I saw these web guns for sale on various websites and they aren't that cheap. After reading up on them I figured it was time I made one. I'm going to keep these instruction brief since...
  7. Lighting: IBC tote as a projection booth

    Halloween Props
    Has anybody ever used, or has considered using, a caged IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) tote as a projection booth for house projections? For those that may not come across the term IBC it’s normally a caged plastic tank on a pallet and the usual capacity is 1,040 litres (229 imperial...
  8. Prop Showcase: Beef Netting-Tips and Tricks & How much do I need?

    Halloween Props
    People have asked how far beef netting goes. Here's my experience: Slit tube on one side so you're working with a flat layer The bigger the holes, the larger area it covers (and better it looks) It's easier to cut when stretched very tight and cut with sharp scissors (not Xacto knife) Better to...
  9. Winking Murder Printables!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Ok, I was looking everywhere for printable cards for the winking murder game. There was a lady on here, who said she would email them if needed, But I am not sure if she is still a member. So I made my own take on the cards. Here they are if you want them! (I printed mine in large size prints...
  10. Treat Hand-out by Age?

    General Halloween
    Every year, I give away a mix of candy, toys and combination goodie bags. Since I pick up toy deals as I find them, there is a wide variety of types and size. Thus, I am always trying to figure out the best way to hand out the very varied treats. This year, I am thinking of filling several...
  11. Hello

    Member Introduction
    Wanted to swing in and say hi. I am a life-long horror fan who in recent years started doing larger and larger Halloween parties. This will be my first year doing a haunted trail and this site and it's members have been invaluable to my efforts. Hello all and thanks for sharing all the amazing...
  12. Do online retailers put larger items on sale after Halloween or throughout the year?

    General Halloween
    I am looking to pick up some larger animatronic props and I thought online retailers like Spirit or Frightprops might have good sales right after Halloween. Does anyone know if these types of retailers have periods when they mark down larger props throughout the year?
  13. Avatar Theme

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Has anybody ever done an Avatar theme with larger props? Like perhaps a dragon?
  14. Prop Showcase: Captain Hook's hand has been found!

    Halloween Props
    Here is a little prop that I conjured up; it's from a pair of ground breaker arms that I've had for several years, and always admired the level of detail in the skin. (The only thing missing is the arm hair!) This whole project began when I found a wine presentation box at Goodwill for $2...
  15. Other: Larger Diameter Pool Noodle

    Halloween Props
    I found these new larger diameter pool noodles at the Christmas tree shop. They are $1.69 and they fit over a "regular" pool noodle. They are great for shoulders or where you need some built-up biceps. They are good for legs, too! Not only that, if you have some left over, it makes a great...
  16. Raven's Grin Inn � Mt Carroll, IL

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    New Article="GOOD!" She is a young woman , writing for a local tourist magazine, but guess what? She got everything RIGHT! I am Very Happy with the work that she did. (Now if the photographer could have only taken a picture of the back of my head, instead of my old, scary face! ) Plain to...
  17. Static: Sentinals in situ

    Halloween Props
    I got the scene partially completed tonight. The sacred globe has a flicker light in it but it's too dim so will have to make a change, A blacklight behind the beam will illuminate the moon and the birds will have green LEDs in their eyes. The styrofoam heads inside are wrapped in bubble wrap...
  18. Walmart 2015

    General Halloween
    I'm not generally a fan of Walmart's Halloween, and it seems like it's less and less every year, but some of their larger props this year don't look all that terrible. Thoughts?! http://www.walmart.com/c/halloween/halloween-props-animated
  19. Greetings from Md.

    Member Introduction
    Greetings friends, I have been doing yard haunts for 5 years, with each one getting larger and larger. I used this site in the past to inspire some ideas. I look forward to seeing some new and genius ways to make the best holiday ever even better.
  20. New Member from MO

    Member Introduction
    Hello all .... New member from Mo .... looking forward to posting some ideas here and gaining some ideas as well. We as a family are into Halloween and look forward to decorating inside and out every year! Alot if our larger items are built by us. Looking forward to adding some scratch built...