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  1. Electronic/Software: motion sensor for tv

    Halloween Props
    ok ...i going to purchase a fx video of a lady in a picture who turns into a scary monster...my question is how do i make it to repeat each time someone goes into my occupysensor ... im thinkin of puttin my tv in a picture frame with a laptop or projector connected to it or is there a better...
  2. Electronic/Software: Laptop to Espon 3020 help with Ghostly Apparitions

    Halloween Props
    Hello all! I just downloaded the HD Ghostly apparitions file and placed it on a USB flash drive, the 3020 doesn't accept mp4 via usb hook up, so I tried hooking up HP laptop to 3020 via hdmi cable, is there a way to only show the Ghostly files only as I'm getting a display projected of my...
  3. Mechanical: Make use of an old laptop power supplies

    Halloween Props
    Alright, so this may be very, very basic stuff for a lot of you but it may help some that are just getting into motorized props. Here is a video of how I prep an old laptop power supply to use for a wiper motor. I hope this helps!
  4. Halloween PC anyone??

    General Halloween
    I was wondering if anyone has/had a customized Desktop PC or Laptop before? I have my custom Laptop with a lot of custom software and fully sculpt/molded lid. It has many custom sounds, icons, background, screensaver and more! I love it! Its STRICTLY for Halloween related use ONLY though. LOL...