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  1. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I know how popular these are, and I LOVE the effect they give to just about any swampy or witchy scene. So I decided to make my own! I'll post some step-by-steps with pictures here in the coming days. I've seen lots of versions of these over the years, and I've watched a couple tutorials...
  2. Halloween Props
    Bought a couple of the gravekeeper looking lanterns from Spirit last year not realizing the "candle" only lights up when activated by sound/motion. Anyway to DIY rewire to make the "candle" stay constantly lit? Thanks!!
  3. General Halloween
    Nothing beats a good Jack O' lantern, so show me yours. Here are mine
  4. Halloween Props
    Still have more to make but have a few done so far. Some will hang in trees and others will be placed in the front yard scene and in the haunt itself. I followed SK Austin's You tube tutorial and they really came out pretty good! Halloween How-To - Witch's Lanterns - YouTube short video...
  5. Halloween Props
    :cool:here are my witch lanterns i did up for this year ..like the way they turned out!
  6. Halloween Props
    Cool stuff can't wait to make into something! Only dropped $15 And 2 wall sconces that look like lanterns and will go nicely on facade
  7. General Halloween
    Buy one, get one half off solar lanterns (and other schtuff) at Family Dollar from April 28 to May 7.
  8. Halloween Crafts
    Hi Everyone, Here is some eyes I made for the big bush in our yard. I got these decorative room lights clearanced at Target for like $2.50. I bought the eyes from Walmart for $1.97. I used a permanent marker to color in the back of the eyes. I then glued two of the paper lanterns together. I...
  9. Halloween Props
    It is with a little trepidation I share my first complete prop build since joining this forum. And I consider it a work of many hands because of the generosity of this forum -- so much knowledge being shared. Because of you guys my lantern post is done: papermache-ed, dry locked, painted...
  10. Halloween Props
    I posted a test of one of these the otherday here they are basically finished. I just need to add the lanterns and I will probably Corpse up the skellies a little. ENJOY!!!
  11. Halloween Props
    Would Black Pumpkin Pails with orange eyes, nose and mouth work as lanterns with tea lights in them? I wasn't sure if the tea light would light up the face or not?
  12. Halloween Crafts
    thought it would be great to have a voodoo swamp thread since so many people do it. :) i am doing a small version this year but going all out in 2015 here is a few items i have doing so far some swamp lanterns much more to come :)
  13. Halloween Props
    Ever since last year i have been trying to make a set of hands holding 2 lanterns. I then want to attach them to the wall outside on each side of the door. I am trying to figure out the best way to do this because it takes forever for super glue to dry, jb weld doesn't work and neither does...
  14. Halloween Props
    Hey guys I am looking for an old thread regarding mason jar lanterns. I've found other tutorials online and most are super easy but I am looking for one that gave a kind old, dingy look. I think the person who posted the original thread used brown paint but I can't find it. Any links, ideas or...
  15. Halloween Props
    Just wanted to share a project we've been working on. Taking some cheap oil lanterns from Walmart, making them nice and rusty and then wiring them with a flickering LED. Haven't gotten to the wiring part yet, but this covers the weathering. Here is how they turned out so far:
  16. Halloween Props
    We go through about 15-20 of these gold cans at work every day. I decided to rescue a couple from the recycling bin and try making some tin punched lanterns. Does anyone know where to find some patterns that would look cool for a Halloween display?
  17. Halloween Props
    Here is a basic witch jar tute.
  18. Halloween Props
    I went to my local Big Lots looking for some lanterns and came across these guys: These already come ready to light. The lanterns are made for haunting with a little aging and a flicker light bulb you are good to go! No need to cut apart a lantern, wire or worry about this light ... it's...
1-18 of 18 Results