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  1. Hello from Del Mar, CA

    Member Introduction
    Hi Halloween fans! I am excited to be hosting a Haunted House this Halloween. We will have a Spider Web Tunnel, Witch and Cauldron, Graveyard, Pirate Ship, Mad Scientists laboratory, Ghostly Dining Room and Haunted Living Room. We will also have a PG Haunted Walkway for the young ones. Happy...
  2. Ambient and sound effects

    Halloween Music
    I am looking for a nice mix of industrial / factory / butcher / laboratory ambient effects to use with my hybrid asylum theme. I am already eyeballing some from Poison Props and Gore Galore. TabletopAudio has a handful of nice choices too. I haven't gone through the standard Midnight...
  3. Prop Showcase: Dr. Shivers

    Halloween Props
    Looking for a Dr. Shivers, mad scientist prop in good, working condition for my laboratory scene this year. If you have one to sell please PM me. Thanks
  4. Anyone know of some laboratory sounds like this...

    Halloween Music
    But Free?? :) I feel like Halloween this year is nickel & diming me to death! http://www.hauntedprops.com/laboratory-sounds-of-gore-vol-8/
  5. Mad scientist's flickering coils

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I posted these in the Lab Rats thread and had a few requests for a tutorial, so here we go! Lit in light/dark: These were made for probably less than $2 a piece, but I had quite a bit of this stuff lying around. I'm sure there would be a lot of ways to tackle the basic premise and make it...
  6. Electronic/Software: Outdoor Video Projection Project......yes, he said outdoor!....

    Halloween Props
    ...hey there kiddies!....long time, no see.....wanted to ask if there would be interest in a project coming out of the laboratory this year?....looking at building a cabinet to do such a job for cheap!........not the prettiest looking device, but it does the job and being black, it is not seen...
  7. Prop Showcase: Electrode Power Console by i-Zombie Productions

    Halloween Props
    I have attached a couple of pictures of the newest Frankenstein Laboratory prop by i-Zombie Productions. I call it the Electrode Power Console. The unit is 5 feet 7 inches tall and approx 24 inches wide and deep. The cabinet is made of 1/2" Maple plywood and is on swivel casters for ease of...
  8. Other: Help! I need ideas for "Doctor Jekyll" style chemistry lab

    Halloween Props
    I live in Texas, and have just recently discovered that it takes a permit for me to purchase/own glass lab equipment. What I'm hoping to accomplish is a reasonable facsimile of the classic movie style chem lab setup. bubbling furiously with all sorts of strange liquids moving about. Now...
  9. Prop Showcase: Plasma Ion Generator

    Halloween Props
    Here is the latest laboratory prop by i-Zombie. The Plasma Ion Generator features a Plasma Dome with a ring of 19 UV LED lights at the base. The backstory on the unit is as follows: "The process of reanimating a corpse requires an incredible amount of electrical power to activate the fluids...
  10. Mechanical: Frankenstein's Monster 2012

    Halloween Props
    For the past 2 years my monster was a static free standing prop. It was nice, but this year I decided to change it up a little. I like to give my haunt a little variety when I can. This prop will be displayed in my Mad Scientist Laboratory along with a table full of scary medical equipment, and...
  11. Atmosphere Effects: How to create sparks when I flip a "Frankenstein" knife switch.

    Halloween Props
    Hello, I'm new to this forum, although I have found it and read quite a few while searching for things. I'm currently working on some ideas for making a Laboratory in my garage for Halloween. I would really love to be able to dramatically flip an oversized switch and have a shower of sparks...
  12. Mechanical: Dr.Jekyll Laboratory

    Halloween Props
    I've seen plenty of tutorials on Frankenstein lab electronics construction, but I'm wondering if anyone has ever done a setup of the Dr. Jekyll variety with glassware — specifically with simulated combustion, heating, bunsen burners, etc.? Anybody can put glowing liquids in jars. I'm looking for...
  13. Prop Showcase: Frankenstein Laboratory Bubbler Prop #2

    Halloween Props
    Here is my Model #2 Frankenstein/Mad Lab bubbler prop. On this unit, I used two 4 inch tubes rather than four 2 inch tubes like I did on the bubbler I posted in December. This new unit sports a corroded, copper apparatus where the good Doctor distills his secret formulas into a small flask of...
  14. Prop Showcase: Frankenstein Laboratory Prop Bubbler

    Halloween Props
    Hi, Here are some pictures of one of the Frankenstein Lab props that I made for our Haunted Barn. I made two of them and the other one, along with a wall panel unit, was used in the Lady Gaga music video "You and I" which was filmed in Springfield, NE. The prop has an adjustable-flow, 4...
  15. Electrical Transformer: Tutorial

    Electrical transformers are accents you could use in a laboratory scene or electrical room at your haunt. You can make these using some funny things around your workshop. Hey, just like a mad doctor would :p For a quick rundown of how to put this together, please check this video out...
  16. Prop Showcase: Best Mad Scientist Lab I've Seen

    Halloween Props
    I was researching props for a Mad Scientist Lab when I came across this video. It may be the best prop building and setup I've ever seen for a home haunter. Does it belong to someone here in the forum? (BTW: Give it a minute to get through the intro and the synth music. ;) )