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  1. Prop Showcase: The Poltergeist Pub

    Halloween Props
    I'm finally getting around to sorting through videos and pictures of last year's display and wanted to share a new section I was pretty happy with - The Poltergeist Pub! Yes, that song was stuck in my head for weeks after Halloween... The nice thing about building a bar like this was that...
  2. Other: Printable prescription labels? psd format?

    Halloween Props
    My party this year is Asylum themed, I want to make labels to put on prescription bottles with the guests name to have laying around. I've ordered the bottles, does anyone have any (or know of anywhere) that has photoshop labels I could customize? Thanks for any help!
  3. Hello to One and All

    Member Introduction
    Not sure if I should be here. My daughter is the one who throws adult Halloween parties every year. I just help create crafts to decorate her party each Halloween. She's interested in obtaining A. Granger/The Cackling Cauldron's potion labels. I saw the labels on site but don't know how to...
  4. Other Zombie Labels?

    Halloween Crafts
    Hello, greeting from the UK, i'm trying to make my own potion bottles this year and i'm wondering if anyone has any sort of zombie bottle/jar labels? I want to have a zombie themed area but can't seem to find any labels online, can only find a zombie virus label, seen a zombie's brain juice...
  5. Prop Showcase: Mad Scientist props.

    Halloween Props
    This is a quicky that I did tonight. I aged the paper for the label in tea..the head is actually supposed to be a skull, one of the grow in water toys...it looks really creepy though. The jar is a used candle jar from Walmart, with a drop of yellow food coloring to make the water look like...
  6. Static: Bottles from the Witch's Kitchen

    Halloween Props
    I haven't been on here in ages! D: Anyway, here are a few of the bottles I've made. The first two are a couple of my earlier ones, and the ink ran when I stained the paper. I fail. I figured out a better aging/staining method with the last one. At least you can read the fine print...
  7. Other Apothecary Jar Labels - Free Downloads!

    Halloween Crafts
    * UPDATE: Added "Gryphon Talons" & "Werewolf Tuft" Hey guys, recently stumbled onto the site for the first time and have been blown away! I've spent probably thirty or fourty hours the past week poking around and getting inspired. I've never built Halloween props before but with all of the...
  8. Other Apothecary Jar Labels

    Halloween Crafts
    Ok so I've been planning for this coming Halloween and decided I'd get to work on some little apothecary jars and bottles. I think it'd be fun. So....this past week I've been making several labels for them on Photoshop and I thought I'd share them with ya'll :) I'll be making more so I'll...
  9. My Halloween Bottle Labels - last chance to buy!

    For Sale By Merchants
    My Halloween Bottle Labels :DHi folks, I've just finished my collection of 16 Spooky Bottle labels! The bumper pack of 16 designs are available as a digital download here... All 16 labels for only £4.99 (approx $7.97) Have a fun Halloween :) http://stevensilverwood.bigcartel.com/...
  10. Other The Free Halloween Graphics/Templates/Tutorials Thread!

    Halloween Crafts
    This is a thread where you can find (and share) free Halloween graphics, templates, and tutorials. The rules are simple and as follows... For Tutorials Please include a star rating system to inform users of the difficulty level. The rating system has five levels, one ★ being the easiest and...
  11. Other: Potion labels!

    Halloween Props
    I found a lovely template online and decided to use it to make a few of my own potion labels: Here is the template if you'd like to make your own:
  12. Other hazchem labels

    Halloween Crafts
    A few images that I have collected from various resources can be found in my album : Halloween Forum - Herman Secret's Album: labels sample image Hope these are of some use :D