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  1. Static: A bit of gardening this evening...

    Halloween Props
    Finished making this hungry little plant for the haunted house we put on every year for our community Halloween Party. It will be a specimen in our alien lab I think. Just need to get the little bugger potted - good thing it doesn't have feet to run off!
  2. Other: Frankenstein lab bubble tube cabinet

    Halloween Props
    A project I started on a few months back for this year's Frankenstein lab theme. Making decent progress on it. I need to install lighting on the inside and run the air tubing through the free standing copper pipes. Finished the color and urethane over the weekend. The gauges are resin and will...
  3. Pneumatic: Talking pneumatic skull

    Halloween Props
    I have made my first talking skull. I used a micro pneumatic instead of a servo. I think it turned out pretty good. J-MAN sold me the parts and helped me out last year with it but i never finished it. I am putting it in my mad scientist lab that's going in the drive way. I hope to use a...
  4. laboratory supplies (beakers, petri dishes, vials, etc)

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have the following supplies that I used this last year for a lab set and am not interested in storing them. Would like to get $60 + shipping - I spent over $150 for it 3x1000ml beakers 4x800ml beakers 2x500ml beakers 4x250ml beakers 2x100ml beakers with triangle tops 2 x100ml beakers 10x50ml...
  5. Looking for JoAnn's Fab Lab Halloween Dragon 2" Eyes

    Wanted to Buy
    Hi! I'm looking for 2 pairs of these in 2 or 4 inches. Anything smaller than the 6 inches I see on ebay. They are perfect for what I need and not in stock near me. Fab Lab Halloween Dragon 2" Googly Eyes...
  6. Various smalls Pyrex Lab Wear, small blwo mold etc Destashing

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have a few things to get rid of ..I will invoice through PayPal ..cant even meet if you are local right now as the fuel pump just went out in my truck! Two pieces of Pyrex Brand lab glass. One small 50 ml # 4980 and one 500 ml round bottom with the rubber stopper with hole. Both pieces are in...
  7. Other: Need A Bunch Of Help!

    Halloween Props
    So im new to becoming a haunter. Im a 15 year old kid that loves halloween. I made a few haunted houses the past few years. But this year im going all out! I have a limited amount of money. My budget this year is $300 TOPS! Im making 3 rooms mad scientist lab, butcher room and dont know the 3rd...
  8. Electronic/Software: Need Light, Dials, Meters, etc

    Halloween Props
    Hey Folks. Any one know where I can get fake lights, lighted dials/buttons, meters, control knobs, etc. to add to make Frankenstein lab equipment or for the front of my zombie containment unit? As always, thanks for all your help..
  9. At Home With The Munsters

    Halloween Music
    THIS SHARE IS TAKEN FROM A BUNCH OF YOUTUBE AUDIO CONVERSIONS SO THE SOUND ISN'T THE BEST. I WASN'T ABLE TO GET TO MY SOUND FILE. DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/tfs1h1ngmxwsxe5z2gwrkuhl16fx2brp Tracklist A1 At The Munsterswith Vocals A2 Herman Says, "Hello" A3 It Takes All Kinds...
  10. Halloween Horrors 2

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/g7hvuy4eize9juxuocfha45fe84gg1cs 1 Spooky Nights 2 Haunted Mansion 3 Ghost Lab 4 Halloween Horrors
  11. Monster plant lab (Poison Ivy/Riddler Lair) 2016

    General Halloween
    I'm not even gonna get the post-Halloween Blues, because now I can finally officially start my plans! This coming year's theme is a lab again, this time with monster plants as the main attraction. Because I'm planning on dressing as a version of Poison Ivy, and my husband is probably dressing as...
  12. Last minute costume finds at Goodwill (Gilroy CA)

    General Halloween
    I was in CVS in Gilroy and at the last minute decided to run into Goodwill next door. OMG what great costumes, wigs etc they still have! And I thought decent prices. I left with two long nurses dresses and a doctor's jacket (labeled Grey's Anatomy tv show merchandise, perfect for hubby) which...
  13. Mechanical: Bump and Go Eyeball prop

    Halloween Props
    Earlier in the season I ordered a Bump and Go Eyeball prop from BuyCostumes. It looks pretty good, pretty much exactly like the website, and the traveling movement is nice. It has a sound track which is a higher pitched but soft voice (forgot what it says) and not overly loud. My plan is to use...
  14. Prop Showcase: First test of my mad scientist's lab

    Halloween Props
    I posted this in the Lab Rats thread but figured I'd share with Props as well for any suggestions or tips! Still work to be done (how to get the brain in the blue jar to show up better, fixing lighting and air flow into the eyeball jar, little accessories, etc.) but I couldn't help but do a...
  15. Mechanical: 3D printer project: Frankenstein Lab Light Switch

    Halloween Props
    This is for those of you with access to a 3D printer - make a Frankenstein Lab light switch! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:649284/#remixes
  16. Static: Idea for lab walls

    Halloween Props
    I volunteered to help a local charity haunt with a couple of their rooms. Since the next area is a town where zombies are roaming I thought the perfect choice would be to turn the first room into a clean room entry into the lab that accidentally created the zombies. The lab room is about 11 by...
  17. looking for a creepy lab door

    A few years ago there was a lady who made a few lab doors here. I can't remember her name but if anyone has run across her videos please share. I've decided to turn a door into a creepy lab door. I've got some ideas but I just need to watch her video again to get some inspiration. Thanks Frank
  18. Vintage Movie Monster theme

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    last year my theme was 'vintage movie monsters'. Universal Studio Monsters! Each area was based on Classic Movie monsters. Entry room was "the Mummy", Front room was Frankensteins lab, and Dracula themed room. Framed Movie posters really added to the rooms! FRANKENSTIEN LAB 243948
  19. Mad scientist's flickering coils

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I posted these in the Lab Rats thread and had a few requests for a tutorial, so here we go! Lit in light/dark: These were made for probably less than $2 a piece, but I had quite a bit of this stuff lying around. I'm sure there would be a lot of ways to tackle the basic premise and make it...
  20. Calling Fellow Lab Rats

    General Halloween
    I think it might be fun to get some input and share ideas among those of us who are planning Mad Scientist Laboratories (as in, la-BOR-a-tries). My own lab plans are many, but finished props are few (mostly because of the space they take up when done), however, if there's some interest I'll...