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    So im new to becoming a haunter. Im a 15 year old kid that loves halloween. I made a few haunted houses the past few years. But this year im going all out! I have a limited amount of money. My budget this year is $300 TOPS! Im making 3 rooms mad scientist lab, butcher room and dont know the 3rd...
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    So as I said my prop update. Since Old monster movies, is the theme. I am starting out with some Lab items. First off are some gauges. Sure I can hunt some down which maybe I will but giving it the old college try in making some. So here they are just before I put some resin in them. This is...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hi, Here are some pictures of one of the Frankenstein Lab props that I made for our Haunted Barn. I made two of them and the other one, along with a wall panel unit, was used in the Lady Gaga music video "You and I" which was filmed in Springfield, NE. The prop has an adjustable-flow, 4...
1-3 of 3 Results