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  1. Static: Kevin's Last Ride: Talia's scarecrow entry.

    Halloween Props
    Talia wanted to enter this year's contest on her own, alongside Cropper. It originally started with the bike. Start of the year, Talia had been fighting me for years, not wanting to learn to ride her bike. I finally put my foot down that she had to practice every night before she played...
  2. Talia's Tomb.

    General Halloween
    So, it's Talia's turn for "mini society". The kids make a liitle thing to sell for monopoly money, and then buy prizes with their earnings at an auction. Since Kyle had this project, we've been making Skulls. Both the boys cleaned up with a small skull and a "premium" one. Kyle made...
  3. 10 Cloverfield Lane

    Horror Discussion
    10 Cloverfield Lane no spoiler review: Alec (13): Really good with lots of scary moments and twists. Kyle (17): I liked it! (his vocabulary seems to grow more limited by the year) A little by-the-book for much of it, but really well done by-the-book. I actively avoided spoilers but wasn't...
  4. Halloween in Summer Festival

    General Halloween
    Halloween street festival today, about an hour's drive south of us, so we just had to go. The kids' costumes, a range of needs. Kyle needed a costume, but look good for his date. Alec wanted a zombie, but I was out of most my makeup supplies. Talia's was my first time trying to do beauty...
  5. WITHIN - A Novel by Evan Mathew Miller

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Terrified of his dormant psychic abilities, Myles Dunn hesitantly wakes them for a job that will scar his memory forever. Giving a seminar at a small-town university, he meets Kyle Voss—a student with a dark and familiar energy. When it manifests into a dangerous curse from Myles’ past, he...