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  1. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Allen Hopps, Hector Turner, Krampus, more

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    New BIG SCARY SHOW is now online! Episode 70 Well, once again the holiday (2nd to Halloween) is upon us. Some of us got coal in our stockings, others got neat Halloween stuff, and the rest of us probably suffered the wrath of the Krampus. Badger has a fireside chat with Hector Turner and...
  2. Christmas/ Krumpus card exchange 2014

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    Christmas/ Krampus card exchange 2014 Lets Bring this back to life :)  For those that haven't done this or are new to the site. The card exchange can be hand made cards or store bought. This time around it will be for Christmas / krampus :) . If you want to receive a card from someone that is...
  3. Happy Creepmas and Scary Christmas

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    http://2coolghouls.blogspot.com/ My blog has been celebrating Creepmas and Ive been covering scary Christmas traditions from around the world please check it out thanks