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  1. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I'm starting to list goodies on Craigslist and will be adding sporadically throughout the next couple of days. Pick-up only for now as I'm determined to eek some kind of display out for myself this year.. After Halloween, I may be more willing to ship depending on the item's size and weight...
  2. Halloween Props
    Hello everyone! I received a Bubble Fogger as a gift 2 Halloweens ago - the one from Target - and well it kind of worked once and hasn't since. Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong and how I could fix it? Or is it toast!? It doesn't seem to make any fog, then the bubbles don't get...
  3. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I have been wanting to try to make some tombstones for a while, but it was always on the back burner. After watching JasonB5449's tutorial as well as a few others on youtube, I figured I'd give it a shot. I always kind of thought these would be easy, but there's no doubt it can be ultra easy...
  4. General Halloween
    Alright, so there are some woods (a few acres) by my house and I recentley got permission to build a haunt in it by the owner. I'm not going to charge a mandatory entree fee but I am going to put some kind of bucket outside of the haunt for donations. Nothing is mandatory, it's just in case they...
  5. Halloween Props
    Just a quick update, a few days ago I asked you guys for some inspiration on what I could do with a large amount of cardboard from a furniture delivery. I am doing Dead Pirates theme, and having made a lot of props already could not think what else to make, and couldn't bring myself to throw it...
  6. Halloween Props
    hey guys got an aweoms little 3M projector but what in the world do i bounce the DVD image off of OUTSIDE in my graveyard? I want i to look like the images are actually in my outdoor graveyard ya know what i mean? (i am certain you guys do ...you all know E V E R Y T H I N G) this is my first...
  7. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Has anyone been to either the Williamsburg or Tampa Howl-O-Screams yet? My husband and I plan on going tomorrow. It's kind of a tradition for us. Who else has been, or plans to go?
  8. Makeup
    Hey guys, I want to do a spooky skeleton face like this one for halloween. What kind of makeup should I buy? What is the best way to create this look? Thanks!!
  9. Halloween Music
    I'm looking for sound effects or some kind of music for this scene.
  10. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi, B Scary has inspired me to attempt my own video Invitation. This year I'm hosting a Pirate Dinner Party. Thought it would be fun to send out a video Invite First attempt, so be kind.. I'm a 3 day old in Adobe Premier Pro LOL Here is the Link on Youtube http://youtu.be/u1gBoAsmo5I...
  11. General Halloween
    My daughter is pregnant and going to be home for a visit in October--so I am going to plan a baby shower for then. I am thinking a Halloween baby shower would be perfect! I know how creative everyone here is, so I thought I would put all those creative minds to use. I do not want to go too...
81-91 of 91 Results