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  1. Wanted to Buy
    yes i am looking to buy some of these items and yes they can be in any shape as long as they are in working condition halloween animatronics scream ghostface leatherface jason michael myers pinhead exorcist reagen frankenstein or any other universal monsters also i am looking for any kind of...
  2. General Halloween
    Given all the hype and bad press on clowns (real or imagined) I can honeslty say I'm really glad we did a clown theme last year and not this. I think it wouyld be a bit of a challenge to achieve the same kind of results and crowd appreciation as we did last year. Anyone else doing a...
  3. Halloween Props
    what kind of glue do you use to glue Styrofoam together??
  4. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I'm planning to put a life size Witch Doctor in the front yard this year. I've been looking at WD costumes online and they seem to be all over the map. Besides a claw and tooth necklace and a voodoo staff of some kind, what characterizes a witch doctor to you? Especially the mask. I want...
  5. General Halloween
    What do you have on your stones? for first years or people new to the haunt Below are some of the ones that I have in my haunt.. Curious on what everyone else has. Will E Rot Harry Dresden ( He died doing the right thing) See I told you that I was sick I'll be back Vlad Țepeș 1431–1476 Mary...
  6. Halloween Props
    Hi, I got a pneumatic it says on the instructions no more then 90 psi the regulator on it does not work to well it will go to 120 then refill when it gets low. Is there any good regulators that you recommend? Here is the compressor...
  7. Halloween Props
    I'm curious if anyone has done a chair that rocks itself (with or without something sitting in it...)? I know this must be as ease as attaching an actuator of some kind to the back of a rocker, but has anyone done it? Would like to do something simple/cheap/quick for this year.
  8. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Really torn between these ideas... I kind of love all of them, but really can't decide! Thank you in advance! For reference, here are some photos. These are just really general ideas of the direction I'd go Harley: Witch: Alice:: Demon:
  9. Member Introduction
    It's been forever since I was here which I regret. I used to be known as ELH( Erin Loves Halloween). I am kind of a crazy Pirate decor lady and anything halloween. Ps missed you guys. Glad I am home.
  10. General Halloween
    Morning all----please don't be offended by this...I'm not trying to offend anyone....we all have our own thing......I'm not into the whole gore thing...anyone know of any pro haunts that don't really feature gore?? I have been to many...all over...and except for disney....all seem to feature...
  11. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi guys! So I decided, since my Halloween Party this year is going to be Haunted Freak Show, I would make a few props and then share them with ya'll! First project: Freak Show Marquee Sign! And I decided to share my progress! SUPPLIES: Foam Board (1 sheet black, 1 sheet white) 1 Exacto...
  12. Halloween Music
    I'm wondering if there's any scary/spooky ambient music out there? I've been searching everywhere and can't seem to find anything good. This is he kind of music I use outside every Halloween and the kind of music I listen too on Halloween night. It keeps me in the Halloween spirit. If there's...
  13. Halloween Props
    Long time lurker... Haunting for a few years... First attempt at corpsing. I may add eyeballs, not sure yet. I was also looking for opinion on adding other colors. I kind of like them as they are. One has a chesnut stain the other 2 are a red oak stain. JD
  14. Halloween Props
    Does anybody have a how to instructions on creating angel statues for a cemetery. Or any kind of creepy statue.
  15. West Coast Haunters Convention
    City of the "Dam"med will be there again this year (home haunt booth). I'll be giving 2 lectures this year as well. Stop by and say hi or catch up on the 13th floor. I have not decided yet what kind of libations I'll be serving yet.
  16. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    SOLD A one of a kind Zombie Wayne Coustumes original. This was a hit in parades and the zombie walks. Fully functional custom built, including the hitch assembly and leather saddle bags. High performance suspension for a smooth tow. Measures 6' long by 21" wide. Good storage room. Lewis...
  17. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    My parties are usually kind of early to avoid over-lapping with other parties that are generally closer to Halloween, so I'm gonna be pretty busy these next couple days! The only thing that a few of my guests are going to instead is The Oddball Comedy Fest. It's kind of big deal, so I...
  18. Halloween Props
    Anyone know where to buy clown hair not looking for a clown wig I had this mask the hair came out so I need some its the light kind that clowns have.
  19. Halloween Props
    I'm sure someone else has found and posted about this but I didn't find it when searching. The CDC has a cool zombie poster on its website to be printed. Don't know if it is useful to anyone but it's kind of cool they have it. http://www.cdc.gov/phpr/images/Zombie_Poster_highres.pdf Can't...
41-59 of 91 Results