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  1. Member Introduction
    Hi All, I live in Raymond, WA where I do my best to bring Halloween to a small, rural community. I've lived here 2 years and this will be my 3rd Halloween here. I'm slowly building up a decent yard haunt to thrill the trick-or-treaters. Right now all my stuff is in the attic but it all comes...
  2. Halloween Props
    Does anyone know where I can buy prop stands? I’m having a hard time finding any online. I am referring to the tree stand type of prop indicated in the picture below. I bought a prop and it was missing the center piece that connects all of the feet together. I suppose if there are other types of...
  3. Halloween Music
    Trying to put together a Trick or Treat playlist for this season, and I need some more ideas. I'm leaning towards just doing ominous/creepy instrumental songs. So far I have: - Walking Dead title theme - Halloween movie theme and other various songs from that movie - Exorcist movie theme - It...
  4. Halloween Crafts
    APRIL CRAFT - KIT MAKE A VAMPIRE KIT, MAGIC KIT ANY KIND OF KIT YOU LIKE big or small This is all about be creative and I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with 
  5. Halloween Crafts
    Here is the craft of the month list f to give you all a heads up :) Look forward to seeing what everyone makes [SIZE=4] JUNE - VICTORIAN / GOTHIC ITEM JULY - Any kind of prop you want maybe your making something for your haunt post up your creations
  6. Halloween Props
    Got this off Craigslist and I assume it's some kind of ground fogger with the wide opening. My question is do you put ice in the top hatch? There's a metal "mesh" in there at an angle sloping forward. I didn't want to put ice in there and then have water running around inside as it melted...
  7. General Halloween
    Does anybody use a DVD projector as part of their yard haunt? I was thinking of getting one and showing one of those scary Spirit DVDs on the wall space between my two front windows. I was going to make a screen out of plywood and paint it white to project the image on. I was looking for...
  8. General Halloween
    What kind of Halloween candy do you buy, and from where do you purchase it? Do you buy your favorites for the TOTs? :o Which stores have the best deals?
  9. Halloween Props
    I am going to build a couple more body burn piles but I have forgotten what makes the lights twinkle? I suffer from CRS and for the life of me, I can't recall what kind of controller you would use for that. Does anyone know?
  10. Wanted to Buy
    I have a standing, posable, PVC dummy I built that I'm dressing up as a butler to welcome guests to my Halloween party (using Raspberry Pi for motion detection), but I need a good mask for the face. I'm going for a creepy abandoned mansion kind of feel, so not really straight horror, but more...
  11. Member Introduction
    Stopping in here first to say hello. I've run across the forum a number of times over the last few years when Googling one idea or another but never bothered to stop in, register, and take part. Figured that should change. I'm in my mid 40's and have been building Halloween props/decorations...
  12. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Okay. I kind of feel like I need to get something off my chest, and I feel like you guys may understand more than anyone else. It feels kind of petty and ridiculous, and I'm embarrassed to feel this way, but... I can't help it. So, every year we host our Halloween party. Everyone knows it, and...
  13. Halloween Props
    does anyone know where I can get some clown hair I need the long kind not those cheap curly hair wigs you find everywhere the one I need is straight long clown hair it kind of feels light and is very thin.
  14. Hi!

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone, I'm new so be kind! I'm from the UK, and LOVE halloween. :D
  15. Halloween Props
    One of our weaker scenes last year was the Frankie setup. It was just kind of thrown together at the 11th hour by some of the actors and friends. As you can see not much going on and some weird non compatible things like electric zapper lights and flaming braziers( if that's the word). I'm...
  16. General Halloween
    I want to go to The Midwestern Haunters Convention this year. Is it a good convention for someone who is looking to turn their haunt to a pro haunt. Also do anyone know what kind of seminars they have. I can't find a list from previous years, nor are they up on the site yet. Thanks
  17. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I know the picture is small, but it's the best I could come up with. Can anyone tell what kind of jacket it looks like?
21-37 of 91 Results