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  1. HauntLilydale 2018 First major haunt and trick or treat

    General Halloween
    Last year I pulled together a quick zombie walk/scare and a few displays in about a week. This year a lot more time and prop making happened so we put on a much bigger display. We had a little kid area with bright colourful fun witches and photo opportunities which then was under a black...
  2. Hey Kid! You Forgot Your Candy!

    General Halloween
    Heh heh heh First year for placing this AtmosfearX little girl in a window very close to where the TOT's line up for treats. Ran the audio to an even closer speaker. One kid screamed and ran all the way back to the road!
  3. Halloween oldies playlist podcast ~ Whistling Past the Graveyard~

    Halloween Music
    https://archive.org/details/WPTG6 I've been making this podcast for three years running now, it's basically a vintage halloween playlist with really bad halloween jokes in between! Its definitely work and kid safe! There are six episodes total, listen to the latest and if you're into it catch...
  4. Emergency ideas?

    General Halloween
    Work is doing a bring your kid to work day tomorrow for trick or treat. Anywho, plan was for me to set up something of a photo booth. I had arranged to decorate a room tonight for this purpose. They just rescheduled me, I have 30 minutes tomorrow before the start. ANY ideas for 30...
  5. Heylo all

    Member Introduction
    Hi, never posted when I signed up, so figured I would post now. Started decorating when I was a little kid at my parents house. Now 30+ years later I have a new house, and while I did some decorating at my previous house, I have been going full throttle, probably because my daughter recently...
  6. Static: Creepy Little Girl

    Halloween Props
    https://youtu.be/7DuO-HQbDNw This came together pretty easy. she keeps freaking people out. lol. I made a video with the blueprints but i forgot to video her before I dressed her. Happy Halloween!
  7. Treat Hand-out by Age?

    General Halloween
    Every year, I give away a mix of candy, toys and combination goodie bags. Since I pick up toy deals as I find them, there is a wide variety of types and size. Thus, I am always trying to figure out the best way to hand out the very varied treats. This year, I am thinking of filling several...
  8. Mechanical: Help: DIY Stew Brew Witch With Kid

    Halloween Props
    Anyone know how to make the Stew Brew Witch With Kid?
  9. Can I share a feel good story?

    General Halloween
    This past weekend I had a garage sale. I'm sitting in my chair (lording over my junk) when towards the end of it, a family with three boys came in. They looked about age 6-8. The dad introduced himself and told me his parents lived on our street. Then he surprised me by asking if I was...
  10. Hello from The D!

    Member Introduction
    OK, I live in the Detroit suburbs but you get the idea. I've been into Halloween since I was a kid, it's the only holiday, right? Is there anyone else here from SE MI?
  11. The Little Mermaid

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Who knew it would be so hard to find a decent Ariel costume for a kid. never mind she found one she liked....
  12. Prop Showcase: Original Jolly Roger Tribute

    Halloween Props
    Now that Halloween is done I thought I would post my labor of love. Not entirely accurate, but I think is a nice homage to the guy that greeted me into the Pirates of the Caribbean when I was a kid. He talks but I don't have video of him from this year. I'll have to record some tonight.
  13. Friday the 13th (movies)

    Horror Discussion
    calling all Friday the 13th fans. something I have always wondered about what is Jason? is he a ghost or zombie or something all together different ? if he died as a kid then why is he back as an adult? do they ever explain this? thanks
  14. Exterior Lighting

    General Halloween
    I have 6 outside recessed, halogen, down facing floodlights. As well as two coach lights near the door. Trying to decide on colors. Any help is appreciated. I'm on my own here. My decor is kid friendly, animal skeletons and pumpkins, nothing gory though. There's a light over the window as well:
  15. Happy Halloween from Maryland

    Member Introduction
    Hey gang, Really pleased to be here with fellow haunters. I've been involved in building and running haunted houses of various styles and sizes since I was a kid and look forward to comparing notes and ideas with you all. All the best, Matt
  16. Felt board jack-o-lanterns

    Halloween Crafts
    Hey all, I've been designing a set of felt board pieces for my kid to make jack-o-lanterns, cause this seems like a good use of felt boards. Before I let my kid loose on these, I was thinking a trial run would be useful. Most of the work for me is in design, and cutting extra sets is no big...
  17. Deaded Haunt 2015

    General Halloween
    This was I think the best Halloween EVER! Despite some technical difficulties in the beginning of the night. It was a great time. 180 ToTs. So many Pictures of my haunt taken (I must be on quite a few Strangers FB pages right now). For the first time in my haunt history I was getting asked to...
  18. Television Shows past and present

    General Halloween
    I grew up watching Halloween specials so I love them here are some of my favorites. That I try to watch every year. My top 10 what are yours? Garfeilds Halloween - Kid safe Donald's Scary Tales - Kid safe House of villains - Kid safe Psych - Shawn (And Gus) of the Dead Psych - Tuesday the 17th...
  19. my kid

    my daughter is getting really good at this :D
  20. Why you do Halloween?

    General Halloween
    I been seeing a few post that have some dishearting vibes about failed Halloweens. So I figured I would start this thread for a new angle. Disclaimer: If you don't want to read the whole thing the last sentence sums it all up. Why I Halloween. Well for me I have an Artistic side to me as well...