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  1. Key/ jewelry holder

    Key/ jewelry holder

  2. Prop Showcase: Cardboard Typewriter with Arduino

    Halloween Props
    Hi HF'ers , Here is a typewriter I made for my "The Overlooked Hotel" theme this year . Mostly cardboard and Dollarama items as usual . It is controlled by an Arduino Uno with mp3 player , LEDs and a scrapped cd-rom for the carriage movement . In standby mode the lamp and the lights on the...
  3. Key To The Estate Story?

    Hello! Ive been researching on here about the different games everyone has played and I came across the "Key to the estate" Game (Cant remember who actually posted it--- sorry!) Essentially you have a bunch of keys but only one key opens the "treasure" that is locked in a box. Guests have to...
  4. Electronic/Software: Anyone know the name or manufacturer of this prop?

    Halloween Props
    I was gifted this a few weeks ago and need to work on the electrical but getting a few key pices of information will make it less likely i mess it up worse. Thanks in advance.
  5. Halloween: Edgar Allan Poe's Top 10 Creepiest Tales (Scary Stories)

    Halloween Music
    Halloween: Edgar Allan Poe's Top 10 Creepiest Tales (Scary Stories) DOWNLOAD LINK HERE (INCLUDING IMAGES): https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ov40vdd4yry5w/tencreeptalesedapo Here are 10 of his best works, collected in MP3 format in what is essentially an audiobook. All the stories I've...
  6. Help! Looking for a vortec tunnel light

    Wanted to Buy
    I'm looking for that lazer tunnel effect but can't seem to search the correct key words on ebay. Any suggestions?
  7. ideas

    General Halloween
    We run a yard haunt only a couple yrs now but damn is it a blast . I want to do the clown room this yr. last yrs kinda flopped , what makes a bad *** clown room? Whats the key to a successful clown room ?
  8. The New Monster Mash

    Halloween Music
    From the guys at The Key of Awesome.