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  1. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    This very unfortunate thing happened to my 60-inch skeleton companion, Vlad, last night. As I was loading things into a van to move, I picked him up by his spine, and the poor guy's spine just snapped in two. He was in a storage unit without air conditioning for quite some time a few years ago...
  2. General Halloween
    Ok, guys. I'm looking for some advice and suggestions Who here has used REAL candles for outdoor decor? Are there some kinds that are better than others? Tricks to keeping things lit? I've used real candles in both pumpkins and glass jars, and a couple of the '7 day candles' from...
  3. General Halloween
    A few interesting and price-slashed items over on the Halloween Decor Outlet Sale area right now. If you wanted the "Dead and Breakfast" sign, it's now 14.97. https://www.grandinroad.com/-22dead-and-breakfast-22-halloween-wall-art/grand-finale-outlet/halloween-haven/905573 The multi-colored...
  4. Halloween Props
    This isn't my video but wanted to share it with everyone. Besides keeping costs down, it also won't use as much electricity.
  5. Forum News and Rules
    Hi everybody! This is Larry. I launched HalloweenForum.com in 2002. Some of you may be aware; my health has limited the time that I can spend on working on the forum. I am very excited to announce that the forum has been acquired by an awesome company called VerticalScope. They are...
  6. Halloween Props
    Hello! I built a ground breaker and I am having problems keeping his clothes on during the animation cycle. I was wondering how everyone keeps clothes on these types of animated props: Velcro, rivets, safety pins? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks! Lantz
  7. General Halloween
  8. General Halloween
    UPDATE: She's here! Our 8lb. bundle arrived yesterday morning! Thought I'd share the latest 4D picture of our little one who'll be here in about 2 1/2 weeks. I'll be delivering at the University hospital a week and a half early since they suspect she may possibly have a small hole in...
  9. Halloween Props
    Made two of these babies this weekend. Keeping one for myself to put candy in for the kiddies!
  10. Member Introduction
    Hello all my name is Oscar, you can call me Delta or whatever lol. New to the forums and doing my first haunt this year. Keeping it simple but want it creepy!! Glad to be here!!
1-10 of 11 Results