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  1. HAUNTED RADIO'S CHRISTMAS SHOW: boris karloff, silent night, deadly night, and more!!

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    This week on Haunted Radio, we conclude our 13th annual 'Cruel Yule' with 4 holiday themed horror songs, a review of the 1984 slasher film, 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' and Frankenstein himself, Boris Karloff will recite the story of the Grinch. All of this and so much more on the December 19...
  2. TCM Halloween Schedule for October 2018

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    They're scheduling two things this October, Horror Stars & the Monster of the Month. First up, the Horror Stars, Wednesdays at 8PM in October: http://www.tcm.com/this-month/article/1436468%7C0/Horror-Stars-Wednesdays-in-October.html The Horror Stars are Lon Chaney, Sr., Christopher Lee, Bela...
  3. Actors in horror movies that deserved Oscars that never won

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    A short list 1. Anthony Perkins - Psycho 2. Jack Nicholson - The Shining 3. Gregory Peck - The Omen 4. Jason Miller - The Exorcist 5. Boris Karloff - Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein Honorable mention - Gary Oldman - Bram Stoker's Dracula, Robert Shaw - JAWS, What's your list?
  4. Aug 26, TCM, All Karloff All Day

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    Turner Classic Movies is running classic Karloff horror films all day Aug 26th!
  5. 30's & 40's Era Halloween, Vol. 2 Various artists

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE (WITH IMAGES): https://app.box.com/s/f37tanz9dwg746kfshm3f1ec2exyqka5 1. Ghost in the Graveyard – Prairie Ramblers 2. Nightmare – Artie Shaw 3. The Ghost Of Smokey Joe – Cab Calloway 4. The Little Man Who Wasn’t There – Glenn Miller 5. Haunted House – Betty Grable 6...
  6. Voices Of Terror

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/x805o4z3f1f9jjtpzug12xmltbd5t9r0 Set the mood for a spine-chilling Halloween spooktacular with this ghoulish collection of scary sound effects , trick-or -treat greetings, and all-time party favorites. Make a terrifying Halloween night with these scary...
  7. Boris Karloff "An Evening With Boris Karloff And His Friends" (Decca, DL74833, 1967)

    Halloween Music
    Boris Karloff "An Evening With Boris Karloff And His Friends" (Decca, DL74833, 1967) DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/kzyh3erlqdvw7/BorKarAndFriends MORE INFO FROM SCAR STUFF HERE: http://scarstuff.blogspot.com/2006/04/boris-karloff-evening-with-boris.html
  8. Boris Karloff "Tales Of Mystery And Imagination"

    Halloween Music
    Seen in many different versions, this particular LP was from Pickwick International in 1977. The Script is by Sid & Helen Frank. Music by Frank & Judy Stein. Arranged and produced by Ralph Stein. The sound effects were done by Myst-A-Rama / Cricketone Chorus And Orchestra. DOWNLOAD LINK HERE...
  9. Boris Karloff "Tales of the Frightened Volume 1 and Volume 2"

    Halloween Music
    Boris Karloff "Tales of the Frightened Volume 1" (Mercury, MG 20815, 1963) DOWNLOAD LINK: https://app.box.com/shared/01t6rekzau MORE INFO AT SCAR STUFF HERE: http://scarstuff.blogspot.com/2006/02/boris-karloff-tales-of-frightened.html Tracklist A1 The Man In The Raincoat 4:56 A2 The Deadly...
  10. Boris Karloff The Inner Sanctum: Mayhem Behind The Creaking Door LP

    Halloween Music
    Boris Karloff The Inner Sanctum: Mayhem Behind The Creaking Door LP DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/1ac0ryqu0ueexddnvxlb5tlbrl5ubc3y Tracklist Inner Sanctum: "The Wailing Wall," CBS Radio, 12 November 1945 Inner Sanctum: "Birdsong For A Murderer," CBS Radio The Black Chapel: "The...
  11. New BIG SCARY SHOW: BenArmstrong, Sarah Karloff, actor and customer safety, more...

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    NEW BIG SCARY SHOW: HALLOWEEN EDITION Halloween is finally here and we have a monster of a show. Badger caught up with the daughters of Boris Karloff and Vincent Price at Scarefest in September. We learn a little bit more about the human side of these legends of horror. He also talks with a...
  12. Static: Boris Karloff Mummy

    Halloween Props
    As I've mentioned previously, I found a great deal on some old busted up mannequins on Craigslist, and while I was looking for just one to redo our Jeepers Creepers Creeper I ended up with three extras. We decided to make a Pennywise out of one, and after seeing the Universal Studios official...
  13. HAUNTED RADIO'S HALLOWEEN SHOW: monster mash, thriller, boris karloff, & more!!

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    This week on Haunted Radio, we are celebrating Halloween in style with a review of the 1981 film, "Halloween 2" and then on this week's edition of the "Vortex," our Demonic DJ will spin for you the hit Halloween songs "The Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and "Thriller" by Michael Jackson...
  14. 36 Days Till Halloween

    36 Days Till Halloween 9/25/2013 First, wrapping up … The Definitive Horror Music Collection (2009) The rest of the CDs are very good … there are a few things that feel out of place. In particular, including Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone” just because it was in “Christine” – I don’t know...
  15. 78 Days Till Halloween

    78 Days Till Halloween 8/14/2013 More ghost stories … Ball Records - 2 Complete Halloween Ghost Stories (1963) I get a little kick out of this one. It opens with a narrator (standing a little too close to the microphone) talking about Halloween night and some odd ceremony – it doesn’t make...