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  1. Halloween Props
    I have gotten a hold of a few unique items that I am going to use in building something for my outside displays. In addition, I have quite a collection of string led lights and a lot of tools. Any suggestions that doesn't cost a lot?
  2. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi all, longtime haunter first time post: This is a quick eye movement test I did of some eyes I made (these were a junk pair that I had used for a sculpting blank). The actual mechanism is made from 2 old servos, some baling wire and a home depot paint stick. It is just a test but as you see I...
  3. Halloween Music
    Alright, here's a fun one. As part of my mad obsession with cataloging Halloween CDs, I thought it'd be fun to take a bite out of what is seemingly the most ubiquitous modern disc, this one. It seems to usually be sold on cardboard sleeves, and sometimes has the word "effects" spelled wrong...
  4. Merchant Reviews
    As much a rant as a review... Just needed a place to vent. Though not quite as bad as Craigslist (where literally half of the "Halloween" items offered for sale in the Boston area are pieces of clothing or other junk that have been posted for 2-3 years consecutively, I mean get a life people!)...
  5. Halloween Props
    My 11ft high witches hut just needs a few more finishing touches and its adornments adding. It's great turning junk wood back into something useable again. :D
  6. General Halloween
    Well, just icing on the cake of a rough set up this year, I dropped my skull speaker from a very low height and it no longer works... It was the only thing I had to run my soundtrack. I loved it because it blended in, ran off its own battery, and put out decent quality sound. Anyone have any...
  7. Halloween Props
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYyQdu5w6TY wondering who makes it. it will say alot about how long it will last and overall quality. price seems pretty low, dont want to buy junk. stopped buying spirit stuff cause it breaks too easily.
  8. Wanted to Buy
    Looking for hi quality suit or mask no junk please... Cash or trade letsake a deal
  9. Halloween Props
    Using a color printer or even black & white if needed. Print 100 pages with 4 different sizes of spiders on them on recycled card stock (as long as one side is clear for the spiders). Spray the backs of the cards with fire retardent, let dry then spray the front. It is actually better if the...
1-10 of 12 Results