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  1. TIKI HEAD Light covers /Strings ( 15 covers $8 plus ship)

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    $8.00 plus shipping of 3-4 lbs from 17313. If you are local, pick up can be arranged. If you want to save weight I will pull the covers off the lights and not send the light strings Had these on ebay and got no bites. Also open to decent offers. PayPay preferred ( I will invoice) but will hold...
  2. Static: Art of Dirk - New Trophy Skulls and Island Themed Spookiness

    Halloween Props
    Just a little sampling of some of my creations! All of which are representative of what I produce and sell regularly. So please contact me if anything strikes your dark explorer vibe!! Contact me for info.
  3. Rainforest sounds for Avatar

    Halloween Music
    We are going to do a party this year based off of the movie Avatar and i am in need of some rainforest or jungle sounds. Also, should i try to play some of the music from the movie? Or actually play the movie on the tv? Or just the jungle sounds? thanks :)