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  1. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We've been hosting adult-only Halloween parties for years and have not been able to get in enough scares! We are looking to up our game this year to the max!!! We do a good job putting guests on edge with creepy lighting, sounds, and decor; sometime even paying a few people to help us with the...
  2. General Halloween
    Here are the videos of my Tiki Themed Haunt. There were supposed to be animations (a creep jumping out of the Tiki Bar and a moving Tiki skeleton) but I did not have time to get those working, had computer glitches and the tiki poles being the main attraction took priority. Also fog was...
  3. Halloween Props
    This is a medium sized, rubber spider that is resting on a hidden air solenoid nozzle. When the victim presses a button on the control panel, the solenoid is activated and shoots the spider towards them. It’s about 90 psi, from a small air compressor. Added effect: place a glass dome lid...
  4. General Halloween
    Let's see them!!! Just in case you are not aware.....................Halloween 2018 is around the corner! Here is mine... Every year is a different theme for me to keep things interesting. Went with a retirement senior living sort of decor. I will keep adding to this until the end of the...
  5. Halloween Props
    Hi, i know this question has been asked before, but it is usually answered in USA spec and i am from the UK. i am having a year off this year (missing it, but attending a big party instead), so i thought i would put my "spare" time to some use and learn about pneumatics ready for next year. i...
  6. General Halloween
    Historically I've waited for October to decorate outdoors. So this year I decided to do two Halloweens; the usual from early October on, but until then I am doing a much less elaborate pumpkin and harvest themed Halloween that I am going to disingenuously call Pumpkinfest if anyone mentions...
  7. Halloween Props
    Hi, this is my first post. I have had the spirit halloween jumping zombie for 5-6 years, and today I got him out and started setting him up. Everything works, just he won't stay locked down! He is always in his "jumped" position. When he starts going down, I here a large click and he jumps back...
  8. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    May only be a daily special for Today (3/10) as Spirit Halloween is celebrating National Spider Day (is this real or made up?) by having a 50% off sale on it's jumping spiders and 20% off on other spiders. No coupons, just saw it advertised on their website. http://www.spirithalloween.com 4.99...
  9. Halloween Props
    I'm having one of my jumping spiders spazing out. It jumps fine, but when the arm retracts it starts to slip on the gear that moves it and keeps flying back up. I took it apart and examined the gear teeth on the arm and on the gear the motor turns and there's no broken teeth or wear that I can...
  10. Halloween Props
    How do you all anchor your Spirit Halloween Jumping Spider with?
  11. Halloween Props
    Hi to everyone, Here is a video of my jumping spider test ☺️
  12. Halloween Props
    So, last year a neighbor was throwing out a wheelchair - nothing wrong with it. I grabbed it up knowing I wanted to use it for a scare I could roam the neighborhood with. I took off the back (6 screws) and replaced it with a wooden platform for the scissor jack. I used steel L frame on base...
  13. Halloween Props
    Going to be adding a Spirit jumping spider to the spider section of my display this year and I have read that the motion detection is crap, and I don't want it to activate on the littlest kiddies anyways, just the tweens and adults. My thought was that since the footpad is just a switch I could...
  14. Halloween Props
    I just started dismantling an old Lazy Boy rocking recliner that my kids managed to destroy (a story for another day) and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on using the foot rest mechanism as a jumping prop launcher? Not sure what else to call it :D
  15. Halloween Props
    I have the jumping spider from spirit and broke the connector for the foot pad and the motion sensor is hardly working....how does this need to be set up to work right....it's a hit but I'm having to get the kids to pet him to set it off
  16. General Halloween
    A visit to Spirit is always a good way to start the season. So here's an animatronic-filled look at our first visit. But the fun really begins when we brought home a jumping spider and tried it out on the somewhat lethargic (at first, anyway) cat.
  17. Halloween Props
    I bought the jumping spider on sale. It says it can be triggered by sound, motion or footpad. The switch has on, off or footpad. The motion sensor does not work. Is there some other adjustment? The footpad works well. I have to say it is pretty scary.
1-18 of 25 Results