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  1. General Halloween
    Did some searching but couldnt find any threads where someone hacked a spirit Halloween prop so that when the motion/step pad was triggered it would also have light. Could it be as simple as splicing some wires? curious if anyone has done this. What im looking to do is place the jumping...
  2. General Halloween
    Hello All! Sorry that I am posting this late, but I have been busy the past week. Vlen the Magic Mirror returns after a two year hiatus. Last year (2015) for Halloween I did the 'Scare Zone' as something quick and easy to put together, because I was still dealing with the reality of my mom...
  3. Halloween Props
    I don't think I posted this before. The Colorado Haunters group made these last year. Here is mine in action. Moderator, please delete this post. It is a duplicate of one posted in November. Thanks.
  4. Halloween Props
    Okay so I got my jumping spider and a separate step pad, turns out when I got home to try it out, the step pad had the wrong plug to plug into the spider! And of course I got it after Halloween for 50% off and can't return it. So does anyone know how I can fix it so they work together? THANKS :D
  5. General Halloween
    Hello All, I must open by saying, WOW! HALLOWEEN 2013 was a SUCCESS! What a season it was getting it all together for 2013. Many ups and downs and of course dealing with the bad weather that seems to plague us haunters this time of year. I have to thank the heavens above for holding...
1-5 of 5 Results