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  1. Unusual Handouts

    General Halloween
    So, candy is the obvious favorite for handing out at Halloween, but I know of an online magic shop with decent prices on all those cheesy gags and jokes from when I was little. Thus, along with candy, we also give out crap like trick squirt lighters; Chinese finger traps; the trusty...
  2. Hello new from Portland Oregon!

    Member Introduction
    Hey! I'm a total halloween freak since day one! Some of my fondest memories have taken place on Halloween. I just love the essence and all the lil creatures that come with it, I always joke with my friends/coworkers that Halloween is when I'm in season! I love Halloween music and have a lil...
  3. Halloween jokes to add to party bags

    Haunted Humor
    Post here jokes so I'll add them to my party bag! :D
  4. Grim Reaper Humor

    Haunted Humor
    Q) How does the Grim reaper get his kicks on Halloween? A) He goes to a retirement home Halloween party! Q) What did the grim reaper say to the little boy? A) Your a naughty little monster! Q) Why did the grim reaper start burning people? A) Because a hot steak is better that a cold chop! Q)...
  5. Dialogue for talking skeleton suggestions...

    Halloween Props
    I am building out a talking Scarecrow/Skeleton and was looking for some good dialogue to have play throw them. I am looking for funny skits or jokes that don't have a lot of background music or sounds. Any suggestions ?
  6. A-Z Knock Knock Jokes

    Alphabetical Knock Knock Jokes. Knock, Knock........Who's There? Amarillo.................Amarillo Who? Amarillo nice guy, open the door. (Next poster use B, etc)
  7. Spirit Bloody Bag of Jokes

    Wanted to Buy
    I'm hoping someone has one of these that they'd be willing to part with.
  8. Wanted

    Wanted to Buy
    Bloody bag of jokes
  9. Bag of jokes clown from spirit

    Wanted to Buy
    Anyone have the bag of jokes clown that was from spirit and hangs down in a body bag?? Has to be in mint operating condition. Thanks
  10. WTB- Bloody Bag Of jokes Clown

    Wanted to Buy
    looking for a Bloody Bag of jokes clown that spirit put out 2 years ago...
  11. halloween jokes

    Haunted Humor
    does anyone have any good halloween jokes?
  12. New Halloween Riddles!

    Haunted Humor
    Here are a few Halloween riddles I made up and put into a new Halloween book I wrote with my wife. Enjoy! The night is not as dark as I. I’m like a shadow passing by. Sometimes the light will catch my eye. What am I? From within an eerie glow. I’ll spook or make you laugh, you know...
  13. Did you have to perform for your treats?

    General Halloween
    Tthis was common when I was growing up, at least in the neighborhoods right around us. When you went to the house, you said "Trick or Treat", but then you were expected to "earn" your treat. Usually you'd sing (Oh, how many times I sang "Who's behind that false face..." over the years!), tell...
  14. Loves Halloween, Forum Newbie

    Member Introduction
    Hi to all, Just want to say hi to everyone here at Halloween forum. Been reading the through the site for a couple of years. As Halloween is my holiday. But never join up due to much on my plate. But now things have change in my life and have more time to working on writing my Halloween jokes...
  15. Halloween Jokes for Kids

    Haunted Humor
    Every part of Halloween is awesome! While browsing for some new cool Halloween stuff this year, I came across this 'Halloween Jokes for Kids' ebook. It's got some great Halloween Humor in it and has lots of illustrations. I've got two young kids who love these jokes. I thought I'd share some...
  16. Scared The Daylights Out Of My Kids

    General Halloween
    If you like it please vote for it. I know it seems mean but, my kids are great sports . I was part of a yard haunt for years and our house is full of scary stuff. We just came back from Halloween Horror Nights , scary stuff does not get to them...