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  1. Wanted to Buy
    I intend to disguise my little Joker, I have the mask, you know where they have suits age 5 years
  2. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We are doing Heroes & Villians Husband & I will be Batman & The Joker (Heath Ledger Style for me)
  3. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I decided to dress up as the Joker from Suicide Squad, the outfit that inspired me was his club scene outfit from the film, my fiance went as Harley Quin! WE had a great time, here are some pics...
  4. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    All right, January 1st and I am committing to a theme! The timing is right with Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad both coming out this year. "Dawnski," you ask, "Are you out of your mind on a Batman party? It's so not horror." Nay I say. You've got such wonderful villains like The...
  5. Halloween Costume Ideas
    My family will be The Joker, Batman, and Harley Quinn this coming Halloween. I'll be The Joker, My wife Harley Quinn, and my daughter Batman. We are going to make as much of the costumes as possible, it's more fun that way and sometimes much cheaper! I feel I have a good handle on my...
  6. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Can someone help me out here please? My son wants to dress as Joker for Halloween. We have all the costume parts other than the wig, which is proving very difficult to find. He doesn't want the Heath Ledger style wig as he's too young to watch the film so isn't familiar with that Joker. He wants...
  7. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey guys. My friend is having a "BatParty" and I wanted to go as the classic Joker. I will not be going as the Heath Ledger style Joker, I want something more along the lines of the animated series Joker. now the makeup will be easy. The only thing I have to consider is the costume and the...
  8. General Halloween
    Hi - I'm pretty proud of the Joker picture I drew and I wanted to know if someone could tell me about the best materials for tracing and carving it onto my pumpkin. I think I can wing it because I've done one before but I'd appreciate any tips or tricks to make the task a bit faster next time...
  9. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Please be gentle :) .... Okay, I was bored. Took about 10 minutes. Not sloppy enough. I think the red is too bright. Hair's not wavy or green yet. No costume trial run, just wanted to try and attempt the makeup.
  10. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Need help w/ finding a suitable long jacket for my Joker costume, lightweight material, ( living in FL., wool is unacceptable ) that I can dye dark purple. I already have the pants, tie and shirt, and getting a vest soon, that I can paint w/dark green fabric paint. Any idea where I can find one...
  11. Halloween Costume Ideas
    The Dark Knight version that is. I know, I know; everyone and their 4year old is going to be the Joker but… I am a neurotic perfectionist that won’t settle for a store bought half attempted costume when I can make one much better. I have all sorts of pics to work from, a few thrift stores...
1-13 of 15 Results