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  1. Mechanical: Grave digger zombie. Spider hill props body

    Halloween Props
    I've been working a grave digger project and thougt I would take a moment to share. I started with a spider hill props body. The spider joints and mounts made this really made easy! The hardest part was drilling the dang shovel...
  2. Limited deal on Spider Joints

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have 3 sets of (9) spider joints here to sell as seconds. There is nothing wrong with them other than they might have some discoloration or staining from production. The parts themselves are perfectly good, but we cannot sell them on our site. These are normally $3.50 each but I am selling...
  3. Wall Crawler

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Happy Halloween all! Shall you all run out of candy Saturday! I have noticed alot of skeletons hanging from gutters, climbing ladders, even saw one climbing a rope! Although these are cute and some might even give a fright. I just didn't think they were dark enough for my haunt. With these...
  4. Mechanical: PVC Flying Crank Ghost Rig

    Halloween Props
    Due to time constraints last year we ended up buying an FCG from another vendor. I loved the ghost, but was not crazy about the rig so this year I decided it was time to rebuild it Spider Hill style (in PVC). I made this in a couple of hours using 2 of our Spider Joints and one of our PVC...
  5. Other: pvc joints breaking...

    Halloween Props
    I was wanting to know what everyone's experience has been with PVC props and the normal joints. I live in the Midwest Ohio valley and I have had issues that after a couple of years they begin breaking at the joints are on most of the items I make. I store them in an outside storage shed that...
  6. Static: Best Way To Stabilize PVC "Joints" on Static Props

    Halloween Props
    Hi, guys! Last year, I attempted to make a tall, static "pumpkin man" for my spooky circus display. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the arms and legs to stay in position. i thought that tape would be enough, but after a short period of time, his arms began to fall, and his legs bent in a...
  7. Pneumatic: Winged Demond

    Halloween Props
    Just wanted to let anyone thinking of using spider hill prop works joints in a pneumatic prop my winged Demond held up to two nights of 8 hours straight each night with no issues. These joints made this project possible and I will be using them in future project involving pneumatics. You can...
  8. Other: Plasti Dip

    Halloween Props
    I was curious if anyone has used Plasti Dip for prop making? I started experimenting with it recently. A friend of mine uses it to coat the foam battle weapons he makes and sells for LARP (live action role play) I bought a can (the kind you dip things into) of it at Home Depot to try it out. I...
  9. Mechanical: Looking for best method for Cauldron Creep arm joints.

    Halloween Props
    Searched the forums and can't find a detail for Cauldron Creep elbow and shoulder joints, what's the best method when the bones are exposed?
  10. Static: 5' Skeleton's at Wal-Mart for $29.96!!!

    Halloween Props
    I was looking at my Wal-Mart today and they have the 5' skeletons like Spirit Halloween has for 29.97! They are awesome quality and cheap! They use bolts and nuts to hold the limbs on and they have ratchet joints. They are the same as the ones they had last year for 49.00! Here is a picture: