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  1. Hello from Oklahoma!

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    I've been lurking for a while but finally settled on a username and decided to join. This year I decided to go much bigger on my yard, I'm working on a somewhat realistic giant spider with a 12' legspan and a creeper. I have a fairly small yard, so I'm limited on how much I can add, but if I end...
  2. Hello from Virginia

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    I’ve been reading the forums for the past year for inspiration for our front yard. I figured it was time to sign up and join the conversations.
  3. Luv from Vancouver, BC

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    Hey guys! Hope all is well. I'm in the process of starting my on niche Halloween store (Brick and Mortar) so decided to join this forum. Looking to learn and mingle with fellow creepy crawlers :) Cheers! Eric
  4. Greetings from St. Louis Area

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    Been doing this for 10 years but finally decided to join the forum! Looking forward to learning a lot!
  5. HEY lurkers!

    General Halloween
    Time to come out of the shadows. Post a picture of some of your Halloween stuff, or about your plans, or anything Halloween related. Don't be shy! JOIN US!
  6. Hello from Italy

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    Hi everybody! I'm from Italy, and i would like to join your community! Halloween is coming! :D
  7. noob

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    Hi, greetings from UK and thanks for letting me join. Tim
  8. New Here!

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    Hello, 0ogie Bo0gie Man Here, from Tampa, FL Stumbled upon this site looking for ideas for this year's Halloween decorations so i decided to join. Halloween is around the corner and its also my favorite time of the year so its only right i join the Halloween forum family.
  9. Hello new from NH

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    Hello Everyone My name is Tessie I have a small yard haunt that I have been slowing perfecting over the last 20 years. Since I have been silently staking this forum for over 5 years, I thought I would finally join. I love everything about this forum - your idea's have really helped me over the...
  10. New for Halloween 2017!

    For Sale By Merchants
    RetroHalloweenDecor.com Please join us as we take a step back and bring the fun, imagination and mystery back in Halloween. The Haunted Halloween Village set is a perfect addition to any collection and is an item you are sure to cherish for many Halloween moons to come. The "Catacomb...
  11. Retro Halloween Decor

    For Sale By Merchants
    Retro Halloween Decor Please join us as we take a step back and bring the fun, imagination and mystery back in Halloween. The Haunted Halloween Village set is a perfect addition to any collection and is an item you are sure to cherish for many Halloween moons to come. The "Catacomb Collection"...
  12. im new

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    Hi all, I'm new on here so thought id say a quick hello. I'm based in the UK and have a fully interactive photo booth designed to stimulate your sense's. One of the themes of course is horror / Halloween and cause I love Halloween etc I thought id join this forum.
  13. Another newbie!

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    Hey everybody! I ran across this forum through Pinterest, looking for cool Halloween decorations so I thought I'd cut out the middle man and just come and join up. You all are great at what you're doing, keep it up! And have a great weekend.
  14. Boo

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    Hi, my name is Sara, I have 4 kids in my home who lives Halloween just as much as me. I've often followed pins to articles on this site and have finally decided to join in the fun.
  15. Just a simple introduction...

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    Hello, just wanting to introduce myself to this site, have browsed around it as a guest for quite a while and decided to join. My parents have about 8 acres of land behind their house and last year a week before the event they asked us if we wanted to decorate it for a haunted trail. Growing up...
  16. Hello from Mr. and Mrs. Halloween!

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    First time poster, longtime reader. My wife and I have a passion for Halloween and post articles on our blog about horror films, Halloween decor and recipes, Halloween music and television, and everything else that gets us pumped to celebrate the best time of year! Excited to join the...
  17. Just jumped in

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    Love to read and see all you do and say. Had to join . you-all are great educators thanks for sharing.
  18. New member from San Antonio, TX

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    Hey there, New to the Halloween scene and the site. I just bought a house on a main street, with a huge front yard/driveway...perfect for walkthroughs. I've been stalking the forum here for about a week now, and finally decided to join, I like the atmosphere and level of activity on this...
  19. Hello

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    New to the forum. HalloweenForum popped up so many times while I was searching for prop/video information I just had to join. Thanks to everyone for all of the great information! Goathead
  20. Video-halloween Contest

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    Hi guys, do you like making movies? Do you love halloween <useless question :) > I want you invite to join video contest: http://www.vensoid.com/current-contests/