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  1. The Final Halloween ?

    General Halloween
    During the production of Halloween (2018) John Carpenter insisted that would be the last film in the franchise; at least by him. Now they have released the titles and dates for what could be the very last Carpenter era Halloween films. Both movies are currently being filmed back-to-back (or...
  2. Grave Tone Productions NEW MUSIC- Dying Within 2017

    Halloween Music
    Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Darkness, We are back from the Grave with a new release, Dying Within. Released at Texas Frightmare Weekend, this is our heaviest, most disturbing recording to date. Described by many as Pantera meets Carpenter, it is the soundtrack to your...
  3. Michael Myers for Halloween? 3rd year in a row go another year? or switch it up?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    so made this costume about 8 years ago but didn't really do that good on it and brought it back to life about 4 years ago and came upon a Don post mask and then re dug out my Jumpsuit & gave it the most detail on it to make it look like i just got done doing a massive slaughtering spree some sad...
  4. Royalty Free Haunt/Horror music by Grave Tone Productions

    For Sale By Merchants
    If you're looking for something new this year, musically, for your haunted attraction, check this out: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/music-to-be-buried-by/id475561324 Featured on Dread Central, it has been described as John Carpenter meets Pantera. Blending traditional horror scores with...