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  1. New BIG SCARY SHOW: A look back at 2018

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    New BIG SCARY SHOW – WELCOME TO 2019 Episode 175! Well, it’s 2019 and the Big Scary Show bids a fond farewell to 2018 as only we can, with another show chock full of news and information to keep you on top of the haunt industry. It may only be January, but we’re beginning the countdown to our...
  2. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Krampus, Ari Lehman, Jason Hawes, more

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    New BIG SCARY SHOW: Episode 120 – ThanksKilling. The Roundtable of Terror is serving up the main course, with Al Ridenour, as our yearly Krampus talk takes place, and we get yet another perspective on Krampus lore. The side dishes include Badger, Jim, and Jerry chatting with Ari Lehman, the...
  3. The Funky Phantom Four Stories

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/shared/j4kfkzp14z This is another of a long line of Saturday morning cartoon LPs that came out in the 60's and 70's. Voices: Jonathan Wellington Muddlemore (Mudsy) - Daws Butler April Stewart - Tina Holland Skip - Micky Dolenz Augie - Tommy Cook Elmo...
  4. New BIG SCARY NEWS: All the latest, plus interview with Jerry from Creepy Collection

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    New BIG SCARY NEWS: Episode 68 All the latest news, plus an exclusive interview with Jerry Dalessandro from Creepy Collection. It's the most dangerous 30 minutes in the haunt industry. Don't miss it! http://www.bigscaryshow.com/big-scary-news/
  5. Jerry from USA

    Member Introduction
    Hello, I am Jerry & from USA. I am the marketer of Sentiments Express last 3 years. First time I am working on Halloween events & promoted Halloween Cakes & Chocolates you can see here & if you have any suggestion please below post here! Halloween Gifts. Enough around what we've done, THANK...
  6. Jerry Vayne's new CD to be available at MHC

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    The new CD 'Circus of Nightmares' from the 'Haunt-Strumetalist' Jerry Vayne, is now available for preorder on iTunes! When you preorder the CD, you get a instant download of the track 'Redrum'! Circus of Nightmares will ONLY be available in CD format at MHC. Be sure to pick up your copy before...
  7. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Haunt X, New Jerry Vayne CD, MHC, more

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    New BIG SCARY SHOW is now online! Episode 80 The Midwest Haunter’s Convention is just around the corner, so we rounded up all the (g) Hosts and Special Correspondent Eric Vysther, as well a Super Special Correspondent Tater (complete with red cape) to sit around the Roundtable of Terror and...
  8. New Haunt Music Cassette From Jerry Vayne

    Halloween Music
    Hi there! New compilation of haunt music from "The Haunt Rocker" Jerry Vayne! 1. The Attic 02:01 2. Feast of the Flesh 03:29 3. Cavern of Shadows 03:31 4. Bewitching Hour 03:27 5. Mankind No More 02:37 6. The Dead 02:55 7. Death's Goodbye 03:46 8. Voodoo Doll 03:36 9. Hell-Billy Bob 02:39 10...
  9. Jerry Garcia

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    This Halloween, I'm dressing up as Jerry Garcia circa 1970. So I should look something like this: But I'm having trouble finding a good wig/beard. Most of the stuff I've found are either long, straight hippie-type hair or ridiculous looking afros. Nothing that really looks like Jerry. Any...