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  1. Giant Shark Head

    Halloween Props
    This year I built a giant shark head! .....There I said it. I will attempt a tutorial for this soon.
  2. Static: Quint

    Halloween Props
    I posted my Pennywise Tombstone although I post another picture of it with the full display setting. This is the 2nd Tombstone I did this year. Quint! The Date reads June 20th 1975 the day the movie came out. Quint famous saying Heres to swimin with bow-legged woman is on the bottom with some...
  3. Ani-Motion Werewolf Mask

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Has anyone tried this product? Available at Spirit Halloween stores, it apparently opens it's jaws baring it's fangs when the wearer moves. I could use one, anybody have any input?
  4. Amity's 4th of July Celebration!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    To bring a little horror to the summer holidays, I'm having a Jaws-themed 4th of July party on Saturday! It's being advertised as "Amity's 4th of July Celebration". For the most part it's more of a 4th of July party, but I have a few little scenes/areas that are themed around Jaws. Here's the...