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  1. Halloween Props
    I've just started working on writing software to use a Raspberry Pi an an audio servo controller to control the jaw of a skull (filling the role otherwise filled by a Scary Terry type board, or Jawduino or Wee Little Talker). The code will be released as free open source once I've got the...
  2. General Halloween
    I went on an outing yesterday too a local wilderness area so that I could collect materials for my haunt display. As I was searching for the perfectly twisted branches I came across something rather disturbing. A set of teeth protruding through the leaves. As I cleared away the debris I...
  3. Halloween Props
    I made a rotting head using the shop towel and latex corpsing method. Figured I should make yet another tutorial video while I was at it. I'm going to make a second, even more rotted head that will be missing the lower jaw. Both of mine will be impaled on a stick or stake, but you can make them...
  4. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    OK here is the promised tutorial on the cheap talking skull build. I'm trying to create a talking skull, that will react to any audio file you run through it, for less than $30... The first step was to cut the skull in a way to get access to the inside in a way that viewers couldn't see the...
  5. Halloween Props
    I'm a fan of the bag of skulls available for 10 dollars at Home Depot, personally. And some of the styrofoam half skulls (no jaw) at Michael's. But what if I'm looking for something a bit more sinister looking? You know, exaggerated browbones and more of a scowl expression? Does anyone know...
  6. Halloween Props
    This video shows you how to automate the jaw of a cheap plastic skeleton using a servo and how to add some glowing eyes with a couple of LEDs:
  7. Halloween Props
    looking at building my first mask and i was wondering if anyone could give me a few tips. let me start off by saying this mask is large. i have based the design of a SCP (special Containment Procedure.... its from a game/fan fic) the creature i want to build is called "The DoorMan SCP 303" my...
  8. Halloween Props
    I would like to show my Halloween 2018 prop I've been working on. It's a pneumatic stand up skeleton controlled by an Arduino. It's triggered by a laser trip wire, though I'm might change it back to PIR The eyes and ribs flashing is to let me know when the program is finished, so that might...
  9. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Gemmy witch with cauldron (fog does not work and jaw broke), Gemmy reaper from lowes, CVS pirate, scarecrow and witch with apple for sale. All for $120. Not going to ship, pick up only in Rochester NY.
  10. Halloween Props
    Anyone have any suggestions for cutting down the noise that the jaw servo makes in talking skulls? When I slow the speed down a bit on the other servos in my 3-axis skull they are much quieter, but if I slow down the jaw servo I figure it won't be sinked up well.
  11. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hey there folks. I'm selling a used Fortune telling witch animated prop back from 2008. I'm selling her AS IS, that means, no returns. She's got all her pieces and comes in her original box. She's got flaws that can be fixed: Her jaw does not move any more, the skull's jaw doesn't either. Yet...
  12. Halloween Props
    We decided to upgrade our Creeper again this year. With the third Jeepers Creepers movie scheduled to come out this September it seems like a good investment. Our 2.0 upgrade was replacing the plastic, and HORRIBLE, mannequin body with a taller and sturdier fiberglass one, and the 3.0 upgrade...
  13. Halloween Props
    Just finished this custom built 2016 Costco Pirate Skull for a HF member. Features auto jaw sync and auto random head turn whenever the jaw becomes active.
  14. Halloween Props
    I have an Ani Motion Frankenstein mask and would like to automate the jaw moving up and down. Has anybody done this before? I suppose I could put a small pneumatic cylinder in the mouth but would rather have it cycle it up and down with a motor (actuator?) without having to be particularly...
  15. Wanted to Buy
    I'm looking for any Gemmy Talking Skulls that have stopped working. I'm developing a board that will convert these to sync the jaw with any audio track. The board will replace the existing electronics but still use the original motor to drive the jaw. I need a few test subjects! :cool:
  16. Halloween Props
    Where are simple, pre-manufactured circuits, or easy-to-build circuits to take a mic input and do a simple servo movement of a Bucky skull's jaw in parallel with an actor speaking into a mic? I know they're readily available, I swear I remember seeing them and playing with them somewhere, I...
  17. Halloween Props
    Still need to fine tune the jaw movement, but it's just about there! HAPPY HAUNTING!!
  18. Halloween Props
    It's been awhile since I've posted anything, anyway! I have this animated skeleton from sams club, brother got it for me for christmas pretty darned cheap. http://homestore3.com/fifetagidask.html I let someone here at the zoo borrow it a few years and now it's my turn to use it. Turned him on...
1-19 of 19 Results