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  1. Freddy Kreuger Full Costume For Sale!!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Full Freddy Costume For Sale: Will Include MMFX Freddy Mask, KnifeGloves "1st Nightmare" Glove, Real Fedora, As well as a Freddy Sweater. All Are in Excellent Condition. Will Send more pics upon Request. Will Sell all For $450 obo. Also, I Can ship Overnight If need be. **Picture is of me...
  2. Other: Need idea for Camp Crystal Lake...Jason

    Halloween Props
    I saw the post below about needing an idea for Freddy and it dawned on me that I needed and idea for our Camp Crystal Lake/Jason. It will be in our haunted trail. Up near the very front of our property, there is a rectangular hole about 6 x 15 feet and prob 1' deep. It's been there forever and I...