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  1. For Sale By Merchants
    Hello! I make and sell tombstones with a hand painted acrylic portrait or a sculpture on them. These are one of a kind and I don’t reproduce them. Each one has multiple coats of sealer on them for protection. The stones with portraits are $150 -160. each and the sculpture ones are $170. each...
  2. Halloween Costume Ideas
    This year for Halloween my friend and I decided to try out Freddy VS Jason. We had a lot of fun shooting these characters ! Hope you guys like it!
  3. For Sale By Merchants
    Hey gang, over at our website pixelelixir.com we just dropped a new Sackhead Jason enamel pin. They're $10 each and available in two variants, original soft enamel and glitter blood with epoxy coating. Sackhead Jason link: https://www.pixelelixir.com/products/sackhead-killer-enamel-pin We've...
  4. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Below I have posted a picture of me in my latest Jason costume, however, it is nowhere near grubby enough to match the costume it is based on (Pt 6) and I need advice on how to get a grubby effect permanently on the clothes. I've seen posts about home remedies but apparently they come off on...
  5. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Will post updates on here :) Still need to get proper pants,and i have since removed the dickies patch -hockey mask is from Jasonmasks.com -Undermask is from Darksidestudio.com -Shirt is an Olive Green Dickies Work Shirt from Countryoutfitter.com ;):D
  6. Haunted Humor
    I had to do it, lol. I dressed as Jason Voorhees this year and my pose just screamed postcard. Enjoy! http://sgtp3pper.deviantart.com/
  7. Halloween Props
    Here's my video of this years Halloween Yard Haunt featuring Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Billy Jigsaw, and some of my other props. Happy Halloween :D!
  8. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    http://shop.ebay.com/starfyre31/m.html Michael Myers Halloween Latex Mask Free Shipping Zombie Graveyard Yard Display with Solar Light up Freddy Krueger New Nightmare Elm Street Resin Bust Bank Vintage 1989 Freddy Krueger Fright Squirter Head Jason Voorhees Hockey Shirt and Mask Free...
  9. For Sale By Merchants
    One of my favorite props of all time is the Jason prop from Spirit. They lowered their price to $199. http://www.spirithalloween.com/product/6ft-animated-jason/
  10. General Halloween
    Let me know if there's a more appropriate section of the forum for this... Last year Spirit Halloween was selling a tiny Jason mask about the size for an infant. It looked very similar to the adult ones, but it was just really small and cute. It's very round, rather than an oval shape like...
  11. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hello everyone! I'm looking for Ideas about how to make a realistic, but sexy, Jason Voorhees. I know what you're thinking, but don't worrying, I'm not going to tarnish the King of 13 by strapping two pigtails on and go on galivanting. A couple of my friends and I are trying to go as a group...
1-14 of 15 Results