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  1. General Halloween
    I would love to buy the original medium or large jars of Halloween, Witches Brew or Trick Treat, or anything anyone has for sale which is pre-2005. Please reply and let me know!
  2. Halloween Props
    I know these are very simple and basic but I had time to kill so wanted to dress up a few of our witch jars. Got some wooden dowel caps at the craft store and glued them to the jar lids. Painted them black then brushed on a bit of brown. The variety will look neat.
  3. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi Everyone, I was pursuing the amazing PumpkinRot’s photos and was totally inspired to try and make some of witch lights/swamp lights. I love the organic feel of his work. He is truly my idol! I thought I would document how I made them in case anyone else was inclined to make some too. I...
  4. For Sale By Merchants
    Hello While I make these for my own collection each year I learn more about creating and making these. My inspiration came from a Etsy individual who no longer made them (I believe she intends to later but that was over a year ago and I still see nothing from her as I still want to buy a few...
  5. General Halloween
    Thought I would get this thread going . For those looking for the heart jars for potion bottles they have them out now at DT. http://www.dollartree.com/seasonal-holidays/Valentine-s-Day-Gifts-Decor/Heart-Shaped-Red-Glass-Bud-Vases-5-/638c1013c1013p326025/index.pro
  6. Halloween Props
    Whenever I get stressed out and need to calm my nerves, I resort to assembling tiny little miniatures in jars. One might expect these builds to induce stress, but they have the opposite effect for me. They completely consume all my attention leaving not much thought for any other worldly...
  7. For Sale By Merchants
    Handcrafted ! LED flickering tea lights included. (you can use real candles if you prefer) they look awesome on a mantle or counter top. Contact me if interested. For small jars I am asking 10 and for the large ones 12
  8. Halloween Props
    This is a quicky that I did tonight. I aged the paper for the label in tea..the head is actually supposed to be a skull, one of the grow in water toys...it looks really creepy though. The jar is a used candle jar from Walmart, with a drop of yellow food coloring to make the water look like...
1-8 of 8 Results