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  1. Sadako vs Kayako movie?!

    Horror Discussion
    I just saw a post on reddit (linked from bloody-disgusting) saying there's going to be a Sadako vs. Kayako movie coming out next year. I love the Ring and Grudge, so I'm super excited! Anyone else want to see these two face off Freddy vs Jason style? link to article
  2. Koji Suzuki

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Has anyone read Koji Suzuki's Ring series? I loved both the Japanese and American versions, so I decided to read the books that started it all. Finished the series in about 6 months (I couldn't put them down!). Has anyone else read works by "the Japanese Stephen King?" What did you think?
  3. Movie Buffs - An Early Head's Up...

    Off-Topic Stuff
    The best book I've read in the past five years is coming to the Big Screen. At Christmas, yet. Unbroken, the true story of Louis Zamperini, a 1936 Olympian long distance runner who lost his bid to become the World's first Four Minute Miler when WW II broke out, joined the Army Air Corp, and was...