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  1. Static: Our Creature is Movin' on Up!

    Halloween Props
    I was just contacted by the Jacksonville Museum of Science and History. They are planning a six-month exhibit of movies that have been made in Jacksonville, FL and they found out about the Creature From The Black Lagoon we made for our Halloween displays and they want to borrow him to anchor...
  2. Blackrosecemetery

    Member Introduction
    Hi. My name is Darling Gonzalez and I live in Jacksonville Florida.
  3. Haunted Warehouse 31 in St. Augustine, FL 2011

    General Halloween
    Hey HF! Just wanted to let you all know about the Haunted House in St. Augustine, Florida in a warehouse district off Northwood Drive. I live in Birmingham, Alabama and am not the most avid haunt attendee. However, after doing a little research on Warehouse 31 I decided that I have to make the...