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  1. General Halloween
    http://blog.buymobiles.net/features/this-umbilical-phone-charger-is-the-stuff-of-nightmares Apparently it moves around.
  2. General Halloween
    I love seeing everyone getting into the spirit of Halloween. However I'm struggling posting pics on here. Anyone know how to do it from a iPhone 6s?
  3. Announcements / Press Releases
    Halloween is near. To get in the right mood, try this fun memory game for your Android or iOS device! website: Halloween Find The Pair
  4. General Halloween
    hi all, I've tried the search button here but get so many results that are not what i'm looking for that i'm just going to ask. I have had an App on my Iphone that has animated images like an eye looking around, and a heart beating and other cool stuff. you can place it in a special t-shirt to...
  5. General Halloween
    Hello everyone, I was thinking of doing a scavenger hunt for halloween this year. I found an app that you can use on a smartphone or iphone for the scavenger hunt. Its called goosechase and looks like fun. My question is, has anyone ever done an iphone type of scavenger hunt and what was your...
  6. Halloween Costume Ideas
    My wife sent me this (she knows me well) - a thing on Bored Panda showing some different ideas of incorporating a smart device into your costume. The gifs at the top are pretty awesome (although as someone said in the comments, maybe you don't want these things stuck to your face for that kind...
  7. General Halloween
    We are happy to announce that Halloween Forum now has an app for both Android users and IPhone users. How to get it: Go to the official Iphone app store or Android market on your mobile device and search for "Halloween Forum" With Halloween Forum Mobile, you can access HalloweenForum.com...
  8. Announcements / Press Releases
    Got an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? You can now take control of Helmsman with... Helmsman Remote! This application just received Apple approval so be the first to pick it up! Helmsman Remote will allow you to: - Start, Stop or Pause your VSA performance - Trigger predefined actions - Adjust...
  9. General Halloween
    I was just bringing this up to hear what others would think a out it. Does anyone else think the Halloween Forum should have an iPod/iPhone app? Thanks a lot, the halloweenie
  10. For Sale By Merchants
    Do you want a fun way to freak-out people on Halloween? Show them IRENE'S SPIRIT Finally, an iPhone/iPod Touch app that lets you communicate with the spirit world! Freak out those friends and co-workers! Irene's Spirit will answer all your questions with specific answers. Once you've...
  11. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Description See Ghosts using your iPhone! "I See Dead People" -- Cole Sear, Sixth Sense On Sale! Get it now! The iPhone camera is actually sensitive enough to pick up the low-glow of ectoplasm radiated by Ghosts. It works similarly to the nightvision setting of your video camera. See what’s...
1-11 of 22 Results