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  1. Member Introduction
    Hey spooky people alike. Cant wait to get more involved in this community!
  2. Member Introduction
    Hi everyone! Long time lurker - finally decided to log in :-) Living in Australia makes Halloween a bit different as we are starting to come into longer, warmer days by the end of October, but we still do our best to set up a yard haunt. I'm also involved with a charity Halloween event at a...
  3. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have an unique question. My son and I are looking into a recruiting trip to North Dakota State University. The current prices range from $475.00 to $700.00 per ticket. I have a skill set that to some, may be of interest (collectors especially). Is there someone out their that has a stock pile...
  4. Halloween Props
    is there a way to set up a switch or lock to be activated by a particular sound? think bruce wayne opening the door to the batcave with a particular note on the piano. if it's possible, how involved is it?
  5. Halloween Props
    We run a charity haunt to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. To keep the crowds entertained while waiting in the line ups, we surprise them with this show. My Husband and I are not involved in the planning. An awesome local high school group does all the choreography. What are your...
  6. Halloween Props
    ever since getting my first set of stormtrooper armor, I have been wanting to make a vac table. I pulled out my old book on moulding. it has a rather involved tutorial complete with making your own heating coils and making a very large frame for eveything. dont really think I need to get that...
  7. Haunted Humor
    He was convinced that he read there were TRIANGELS involved. Buh Bum Chishhhhh!
  8. Member Introduction
    Hi, my name is Ian Bettle i live in the uk i've loved Halloween from my childhood days when in the uk we used a turnip for a pumpkin, although they did wiff a bit when we had a burning candle in them. I'm new to the Halloween party deco thing using props and uv lighting, anyway, looking foward...
1-8 of 10 Results