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  1. Torontonian in a new house!

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    Hey all, I'm Robin from Toronto. Halloween has been my favorite holiday since I was a child, and I've been making costumes and doing other crafty stuff for a long time. I've always wanted to decorate for Halloween, but as we lived in apartments, there wasn't much ability to do anything. Well...
  2. Boo from Florida

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    Hey there fellow Halloween nuts! And I mean "nuts" in the most wonderful way possible. Anywho, I'm Jami aka KimberHollow. I just joined HalloweenForum even though I've been lurking in the shadows for years, I haven't posted. I finally bit the proverbial bullet. I've been creating...
  3. Hello from the Graveyard!

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    Hi guys! I absolutely LOVE Halloween so I decided to join you ghouls and goblins. I live in Arizona so Fall has to be my favorite season when it's nice and cool. I am a zombie dancer (Thrill the World, woot!) and find trick-or-treating to be a real "Thriller." I hope to get a "haunted yard"...
  4. Hello from Illinois!

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    I've lurked on this website for years, and finally decided to register. It's nice to know there are others out there who share my love of all things Halloween. -October Country
  5. Hi everyone!

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    I'm a 21-year-old student who resides in Southern California. I am an October baby and Halloween is my favorite holiday. I'm very excited to be a part of this community and interested in learning more about Halloween here.
  6. So excited!

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    I have lurked on this website for ages, so I finally decided to become an actual member :) I don't have too much to say- my husband and I both love Halloween (especially the decorating part... I'm a grump and would bypass the "giving out candy" part if I could!). I'm 32 and have been married...
  7. Howdy all!

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    I’ve loved all things Halloween since I was young and roaming the streets for candy. I was lucky enough to have a teenage boy across the street that loved engineering and building things and he put that to good use during Halloween – gave me the bug, I think! I hope we inspire that in young...
  8. Finally signed up

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    I don't know why it took me so long, but here I am. I'm Jay. I was born on October 29, two days too early. People ask me if I get tired of Halloween-themed birthdays. I usually stare at them and walk away mumbling dark things. Professionally, I do graphic design and publications coordination...
  9. New to HalloweenForum and have a Q about what to do 4 a Goth Baby Shower

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    Hi Everyone! Firt off my name is Kayla but all my friends call me Raven (long story), except my best friend/baby sister Felicity, she calls me Otter every once in a while and I do the same by calling her Meerkat lol (again long story). Anyways, first off, Im from the East side of Modesto, Ca...
  10. intro

    General Halloween
    Hello everyone i am new here and i want to need your support i have many thought to ask from you but firstly i should to say hello you all hope you all help me in my queries Thank you!!!!!!!
  11. Hello from Living Dead Girl Nicole

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    Hello Boils and Ghouls!!! Here is a little bit of background about me.. I having been doing art ever since I was a little dead girl. I was using my markers to make my Barbie dolls look "different" and entering coloring contest so I could win tickets to circus shows! When other little girls...
  12. Hi!!!

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    Hello everyone, nice to meet you! It's so exciting meeting others with the same fascination. I run a free community event each Halloween--we haunt the city park and give away sugary things. :) It's kind-of my birthday present to myself. Alas, I am no carpenter, and we have an annual budget of...
  13. Greetings ...

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    Greetings one and all! :eek: I am the Mighty Jobu, one time curator of “The Haunted Vineyard” haunted house in Ontario, California and avid haunt enthusiast! Alas, The Vineyard has faded into the annals of History; however, the spirit of the Vineyard yet lives on...
  14. Hello Members

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    This is my first post here. Well I am Troy from Kansas a leading web owner of Martial Arts Supplies, I am pleased to be getting associated here and like to share my views and get to know your opinions. Thanks
  15. Hello. (:

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    I just joined this site. My name is Manda Danyele. I am 19 years old and I live in NH. Halloween is my favorite Holiday and I love talking about it with other people. That is why I joined. I can't wait for it this year, it can't come fast enough.:)
  16. Alright you sir! How about a shave? Greetings from Sweeney Todd

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    hello, i just found this site and thought it would be fun to talk to other people about their costumes etc. I am a Sweeney Todd cosplayer, i go to various conventions and cosplay Sweeney Todd there. This is the first costume i have put sooooo much effort into as i really LOVED the movie and am...
  17. Hi from South Carolina!

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    Hello HalloweenForum world! I am 15 years old, come from South Carolina, love Halloween and anything associated with it, am very active in my local theatre, and I am also a puppeteer. Lookin' forward to learning some new things about haunting and the like!