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  1. Member Introduction
    Hi all, I'm new to the site and I'm blown away with all the outstanding ideas and willingness to share so freely. I've been a Halloween fanatic for most of my life and I've decorated my yard, did a home haunt and worked in several commercial haunts as well. But my health has kept me from doing...
  2. Halloween Props
    So back in Sept I was approached by Cristine from Simply Nailogical on YouTube. She wanted me to make her a custom Tombstone for a collaboration video she was doing with another big YouTuber Threadbanger. I've posted some of my videos on here and I was asked by some users to do an intro and some...
  3. Halloween Props
    This was done for a customer of mine. Comes with the intro to the Mansion! Check out the YouTube video! https://youtu.be/8mGnbq0XbP0
  4. Member Introduction
    Hi everyone! I'm Payaso Loco. I picked the name due to my love of the "Killer Clown" archetype. My favorites being Joker from Batman, Clown from Spawn, and Pennywise from It. I also love werewolves and ape-men. I am currently a college student looking to get a job at a zoo. If there's anything...
  5. General Halloween
    Just came across this NPR article on a base constructed in the early 1950s in Iceland which has since been abandoned and buried under ice and snow. Haven't watched the whole govt video on it that is linked to in the article (about a half hour view time) but I could see using the intro to the...
  6. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and can't wait to see and learn all the amazing Halloween ideas everyone has.
  7. Halloween Music
    Hey! This is my first post here, how are y'all? I've always wanted a version of this song without the kids talking through it, so I hunted down an HQ version of it, and edited it in with the "intro" of Winifred (there wasn't a solo version of that :(). Just wanted to share for anyone else that...
  8. Member Introduction
    Hi everyone! I've been quietly watching these forums for... oh gosh, maybe a year or year and a half. I pop in now and then and just get so darned inspired every time I come here. I decided to finally make an account and say hi. I'm passionate about Halloween and all things spooky. My house is...
  9. Member Introduction
    Hey folks, I kinda got into the halloween fun by accident, but after browsing this forum a few times I saw a lot of people are interested in how to light their props/scenes, what and whether LED is a good technology, etc. I posted a bit of an intro guide to two types of scene lighting -...
  10. Member Introduction
    Just saying hi! Mostly a xmas lights guy, but always do a halloween show for a "warmup". Last year did a pair of joking bucky skulls telling jokes with 2 servos driving it. Was a good intro for me. Now to figure out where to go from there. Anyways, i'm in Pickering Ontario which is just east of...
  11. Halloween Music
    Hello guys and Ghouls, I was wondering if anyone here might have an MP3 of the twilight zone intro with Rod Serlings dialogue (you are entering a dimension of time and space). I need it for a magic show for my Halloween party. If anyone has this and could help, please PM me....and thank you.
  12. Halloween Props
    I am interested in creating a short video intro to the future video's I intend to create. Does anyone have experience in creating video animations similar to the intros you seen prior to watching a movie? I found a template at iVipid (http://ivipid.com/themes/) (and one in the VideoHive at...
  13. Member Introduction
    Hi, my name's Jenny. I'm from Canada, and I'm a f/t student and also work p/t as a research assistant. Oh, and of course I love Hallowe'en! It's so nice to come to a place where I don't get criticized for being excited about it in July. Thank you for existing!
  14. Member Introduction
    Hi, I'm Stephanie. Looking to meet other people as into Halloween as I am. Let's talk.
  15. Member Introduction
    Hello all, Always been a fan of Halloween since a kid. My B-day is in Oct and after getting the presents & cake a couple weeks later I'm getting all you can eat candy! Being Pagan for 30+ years also lends a bit of fun to it as it's my New Year's :D I've always been an avid pumpkin carver...
  16. Member Introduction
    Well, this is my intro... I am probably the biggest Halloween nut on planet earth. I am also Hells Guardian. I have been on quite a few online forums in the past and I have been known as the Prankster and Joker on all of them. Nice to finally be on a forum like this. P.S now call me a Freak and...
  17. General Halloween
    Hello everyone i am new here and i want to need your support i have many thought to ask from you but firstly i should to say hello you all hope you all help me in my queries Thank you!!!!!!!
  18. Member Introduction
    :D Hey, guys! :D I've been planning parties (including Halloween parties) for the last three years or so. I just moved out and I am planning on doing more and more for Halloween as the years go on. Halloween has always been my favorite Holiday, but my family was much less than supportive, but...
1-18 of 25 Results