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  1. Electronic/Software: Safety Coffin

    Halloween Props
    I have an idea for a safety coffin which is one of those graves with the bell on top in case someone is buried alive by mistake. I am thinking about how to make the bell ring. I know there are those with more electrical knowledge so I am looking for ideas. In general I came up with a couple of...
  2. Pneumatic: Air Cannon firing sequance

    Halloween Props
    Hello all, Ive built an Air Cannon using a CO2 Fire extinguisher and air/water solenoid valve to control the release of compressed air. Using an Arduino, I want to trigger the solenoid for maybe 1 second ON then 1 Second off, for 3 bursts, then wait for 5 Mins, then start all over again. I've...
  3. Pneumatic: Need advice on motion sensor air cannon

    Halloween Props
    Can anyone direct me to a tutorial on a motion sensor air cannon. I can figure out how to build the cannon and probably hack a motion light for the sensor but how do I shorten the interval of the blast to just a couple of seconds Thanks Keith
  4. Fog: Fog Machine Remote Settings: What's the ideal interval?

    Halloween Props
    I just got a Chavet 1300 fog machine, and after testing it, I'm concerned. It puts out ALOT of fog which is great, but I'm running mine thru a cooler. I had thought that I'd run it on for 30 seconds, off for 10 seconds, or something like that. That would allow the cooler to lower the...
  5. Electronic/Software: How to use an interval timer relay

    Halloween Props
    I've just got a interval timer relay to use with a prop, but i have no idea how to use it (NOOOB!). This is the exact kit i have http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=25224&C=Froogle&U=25224&T=Module It is assembled and ready to go but i just can't get it to do anything. I think i need...