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  1. Very cool horror sound effects machine - The Apprehension Engine

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    While looking for dinosaur sound effects for my haunt, I came across Film Masters' YouTube channel. He has posted a nice library of free use sound effects for various kinds of sound effects from Star Wars like sounds to even T-Rex and Raptor sounds. One of the tutorials however he posted is how...
  2. Instrumental Play List Help

    Halloween Music
    Trying to put together a Trick or Treat playlist for this season, and I need some more ideas. I'm leaning towards just doing ominous/creepy instrumental songs. So far I have: - Walking Dead title theme - Halloween movie theme and other various songs from that movie - Exorcist movie theme - It...
  3. Happy Black October from Grave Tone Productions!

    Halloween Music
    Hello All, Happy Black October everyone! It's that special time of year when everyone else tries to catch on to what those of us in the haunt/horror industry do year around. Hope it's a HORRIFIC one! If you haven't checked out our royalty free releases you can do that here...
  4. What would YOU do?

    Halloween Music
    I am trying to decide on music for a haunted hospital. The intent is to have a musical track that drowns out background noises and puts people on edge. I thought I'd ask the experts for their opinion: Candidate #1 - Trivium "The Crusade" 8:18, a fast, pounding, some upbeat parts but mostly...